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Rickentendo's sidebar --- trojan.win32.patched

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Hi guys,first post here so please excuse me if this is in the wrong location.

...anyway could someone explain to me why threatfire is accusing sidebar.exe as being a "Trojan.Win32.Patched"...?,it appeared when i tried setting up the weather gadget.I understand the false positive thing as well as the fact that the app has been ported to run on xp...but i take these threats very seriously and i would like to know more on this one.

I clicked the following page -- ,hit the "!!! MOVED HERE !!!" link and downloaded from medfire

Also i got this screenshot001vr.th.png ...it is a trojan isnt it?? ,how do i get rid of the registry entry?

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What AV are you using?

And no, if you downloaded it from my site its not a trojan

I use avast as my antivirus but threatfire was the one that flagged it when i tried setting up one of the weather gadgets.

I considered that it might be a false positive and would like to think its nothing to worry about since i really impressed with it.

I downloaded it from one of the two links on this page:

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