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[Add-On] CAD 2009 Edition for WinXP v1.6

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CAD 2009 Edition for Windows XP v1.6


I looked for CAD2009 add-ons on this website, but all I found were Switchless Add-Ons. So I decided to create a true add-on for CAD2009. Using AutoIt, I created a small program that resizes the 1920x1200 picture into whatever resolution is required, then launches the CAD2009 program. This reduced the size of the add-on significantly.

HomePage: flawless02.deviantart.com/art/CAD-2009- ... -147097700


FileName: Doug_CAD2009_AddOn_v1.2.7z

File Size: 5.10 MB (5,355,613 bytes)

MD5 Hash: 813A8E414851762BC5948344228BE434

Downloaded [xpcount]Doug_CAD2009_AddOn_v1.1.7z[/xpcount] times

Add-On Changelog:

v1.0 = Initial Release

v1.1 = Replaced 1920x1200.PNG with Background.Bmp and fixed Resize script.

UPDATE: CAD 2010 v2.0 has been released! Download links can be found by going here!

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Updated CAD2009 add-on to v1.1. Replaced 1920x1200.PNG with Background.BMP and updated resizer script to resize the Background.BMP instead of the other file. Turns out changing the file format saves space as well..... Who would have figured?

EDIT: Why did I do this? Well, versions of XPtsp prior to were able to replace the background of my XPtsp-only CAD2009 add-on pretty easily. Version 1.0 of this add-on broke that ability, mandating an update to the CAB/INF combo, hence version 1.1 was released.

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