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copy protected bootable cd or dvd


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Hi!!!!!!!!! guys.... i m new here... plz help me.....

any body know how to make copy protected bootable cd or dvd....

or any budy have trik other user can not copy our cd or dvd any trik is possible like encryption etc... if any budy know plz..... help me..

thnks.... for....

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There is NO fool-proof way to protect your CD's...

P.S. I prefer microwaving mine for 3 seconds...

:g: hmmm... @Kels Kool... buddy which model is that? :g: :dribble:

I really need to upgrade to a better microwave.. mine takes like 15 seconds to do that.

@shah bhai... tamey badda grammar aney spellings sms style ma kem use karta cho? .. to answer your query- NO, there seems to be NO uncracked code/ way of protecting optical media, in the public domain.

either you keep the disks to yourself; or

Go Meet Agent X in the secret labs of NASA or Sony or Philips or whatever.

But for Godsakes; please use proper english words.. not the hurried sms to girlfriend kind of "words"


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