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    phew!!! well that last one was just to shoo off pesky people trying to get a peek "in" me..
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  1. though i am not certain; but mostly because of registering for the Tech Preview and then downloading the Trial; that I think prompted Microsoft to offer me Office 2010 Pro at zero financial cost At the moment I dont seem to find the link they sent; but eventually it took me to a (sort of) order page :prop: at zero value :prop: The initial mail offering the bounty was so innocuous that only recently [two months back] did I notice it in my Inbox and got to the zero value "Order". Would not believe it, had it not happened to me. But then again, one never knows.
  2. well.. it is about time you turned sweet, caring [and begging.. if needed] to your pesky kid sister or brother in college/ school.. to get into the DreamSpark program. Of course, thats the legitimate and ethical way.. there could be other legitimate if not ethical ways to dig into the goodies at DreamSpark .. Long Live The King
  3. well sometimes the bum [like me] is old fashioned.. and convert them to the good ol drop down menu its uncouth i know, but THAT is what i had done :shy: with 2007 Classic Menu for Office 2007 For those who are game for discovery can digggg up the pages here: Office UI Customization http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/2009.05.ribbon.aspx I have since graduated to the Custom UI Editor Tool to tweak Excel which I use extensively. so choose whats your poison!
  4. :g: hmmm... @Kels Kool... buddy which model is that? :g: :dribble: I really need to upgrade to a better microwave.. mine takes like 15 seconds to do that. @shah bhai... tamey badda grammar aney spellings sms style ma kem use karta cho? .. to answer your query- NO, there seems to be NO uncracked code/ way of protecting optical media, in the public domain. either you keep the disks to yourself; or Go Meet Agent X in the secret labs of NASA or Sony or Philips or whatever. But for Godsakes; please use proper english words.. not the hurried sms to girlfriend kind of "words" Thanks
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