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For anyone that is interested, i've made a full installer for HotSwap! using program Inno Setup.

You can also fully uninstall it via the StartMenu or Add or Remove Programs.

Program Information:




CRC32: 33AC4473

MD4: 609D2C008AB696F73E7B70C975D5645D

MD5: 55AB58D72F11F20A20177D5190D51DCA

SHA-1: E10D59E544A10F63486F5BE66A4A3F588F28979E

Date: 2010-03-30

Size: 364 KB




MD4: 242AB7D05462A816AD18C377B49A0C32

MD5: 8DE265CAC1D6574E1C0018981A3DAFAA

SHA-1: 80BCC028EC7A789969E1DB53C60CC8EF0DE96C39

Date: 2010-03-30

Size: 368 KB

If you want to use them as a addon, you can also use the silent switch below for a complete silent install:


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