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Two BSOD's in a month

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I had two BSOD's on my new PC. Seems like a driver issue, but I'm not sure as I don't know how to read dumps.

I have noticed that some updates/registry changes were made and then, before the login screen it crashed.

Once I've restarted, everything was working as usual.

Attached you may find Minidump files.


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Looks like windrvr6.sys is attempting to pass the pointer from rdi+0x34 to ecx - problem is, rdi is 0x0 - this is going to access violate. Since it's a kernel driver, this will cause a bugcheck. I'd get with the makers of windrvr6.sys (http://www.jungo.com/st/windriver_usb_pci_driver_development_software.html) to see what they think of this. You probably want to get a complete dump this time though.

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