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[LATEST] Splash HD Player 1.61 lite-For Digital TV

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Splash HD Player 1.61

Free Ultimate HD media player with native codec Mirillis AVC/H.264,

Url: http://mirillis.com/splash.html#

Updated On: 20101229


optimized for playing HD-video (AVC/H.264), and viewing of digital TV channels (DVB-T).
Introducing next generation media player for PC.

[*]Watch High Definition movies and digital television (DVB-T).

[*]Enjoy the best video quality and unique user experience.

[*]Watch your HD recordings and movies on your PC.

[*]Play all your High Definition MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 camcorder clips and movies, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems.

[*]You don't need any additional codecs. Download, install, watch.

[*]It takes about one second to start application and High Definition video playback!

[*]EcoMode's intelligent power management is designed to reduce power consumption of your mobile PC.

[*]Enjoy up to 40% longer video playback on laptop/notebook batteries.

[*]With EcoMode you can monitor your battery power consumption, wear level and more.

[*]Ultra fast audio and video decoders designed for your multi-core processor and graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU).

[*]Choose our optimized low power consumption technologies, save your mobile PC batteries, money and the environment.

[*]You don't need any additional codecs to play the best quality videos now!

 Splash Lite 1.6.1 
Edited by J.S.Prasad

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