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Windows 7 Toolkit


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Download - This program will only work on Windows 7.

Remember to report bugs, spelling errors, even tiny things which may seem unimportant. The more you report the better it becomes!

[0.6.0 Alpha]

*FIX: Addon Maker didn't add shortcuts properly

*FIX: Cleanup Tool crash at start

*FIX: Driver Integration

*FIX: Some other fixes/changes

*FIX: Crash during Addon Integration

*FIX: Downloading sometimes added an extra extension i.e. .msu.msu

*FIX: W7T did not work on french versions of Windows 7

*FIX: Prompt if file already exists

*FIX: Downloader crashed if you skip a download

*Prompts if WIM Filter is installed

*Registry hives now unload properly

*Downloaded files are deleted from the Download Queue

*Addon Integrator now supports deleting registry entries

*Delete Addon Temp folder on close

*Removed old entries in the database

*Removed feedback button

*Removed colour schemes

*Improved startup time

*Removed splash screen

*Using filters do not include Language Packs

*Disable WIM Filter

*Driver Integrate now deletes folder after installation

*Added *Reaper* Addon site to the Addon drop down menu

*Make comments in tasks.txt with ;

*Added SoLoR updates

*FIX: Downloader to not remove downloads properly.

*Added alternative download method

*Added previous integrated updates in Update Integrator

*Remove WIM Filters Enjoy! biggrin.gif

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Right people, i won't be adding any features for a while as i will be finishing off some unfinished tools first

  • Feature Manager: Disable features from within the wim file.
  • Language Pack Converter: Going to bring this back, can't remember why i disabled it.
  • Unattended Setup: Self explanatory

Please still let me know of any bugs, typo's or whatever. Thanks!

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v0.6.0.30 has been released.

*FIX: Couldn't read Tasks.txt with german characters in it

*FIX: Hang on new Update Integrator

*Some other bug fixes.

For those who create the Tasks.txt file manually, please save the text file with "Unicode" encoding (On the save screen).

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WiM Manager

how have

Delete image


Mount Image

Export image

import image can you please add this if possible

Use "Capture Image" tool and make sure you select "Existing WIM" :) I think that is what you mean by "import image".

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