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Microsoft PowerToy AIO_ENU_ADDON

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Microsoft PowerToy AIO_enu_addon


A collection of Microsoft Power Toys Utilities.


The complete package is uninstallable via the add/remove panel.
Require net framework 2 or above
All.dll files updated till date
Restart needed after install/uninstall

After installation of this package your start menu look like -->


Start Menu Icons



Accessories Link


List of utilities This pack contain


1 Task Switcher

2 ClearType

3 Cmd Here

4 Virtual Desktop Manager

5 HTML Slide Show Wizard

6 Image Resizer

7 Microsoft Location Finder

8 Microsoft Logon Loader

9 Taskbar Magnifier

10 Microsoft Calculator Plus

11 Microsoft SMS Sender

12 Power Calculator

13 CD Slide Show Generator

14 SyncToy

15 Timershot Webcam

16 Tweak UI

17 User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

18 Windows Install Clean Up

19 Extension HighMAT

20 Color Powertoy

21 MS Photo Info

22 Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnail Viewer for Windows XP

23 Microsoft Bootvis

24 Microsoft VirtualCd

25 Microsoft AutoPlay

26 MSConfig

27 Microsoft Time Zone

28 Manage Your Computer Tweakomatically

29 Copy Profile

30 Microsoft USMT 2.61

31 Windows Support Tools

32 Windows Resource Kits

33 AutoPlay Repair

34 ISORecorder

35 RobocopyGUI

36 VirtualWIFI

37 Clear Cache Feature for Internet Explorer

38 XMLNotepad2007

39 TrueType

40 Windows Journal Viewer

41 Microsoft Private Folder


Control Panel



Control Panel Icons


Control Panel Programs


1. Microsoft AutoPlay Repair

2. Microsoft Boot Vis

3. Microsoft Logon Loader

4. Microsoft Time Zone

5. Registry Editor

6. System Utility

7. Virtual CD Control Tool

8. Windows Install Clean Up


All integrated powertoy readme you will find them in

->Start Menu \ Accessories \ Powertoys for Windows XP,

The links are generally in the Start Menu and

->Start Menu \ Accessories \ System Tools and Control Panel.


Reference Links:

Link 1:http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2858-microsoft-powertoy-suite-full-true-addon-ita/

Link 2:http://www.eng2ita.net/forum/index.php?topic=1807.0


DownLoad Link (.inf Addon)

  • Size: 29.1 MB (30,613,504 bytes)
    File: Microsoft_PowerToy_INF_AddOn.7z
    MD4: 67f8005b347e8b40b80a85bf11974d63
    MD5: 18e5a44d8a12de417c5df96c9a8469c3


DownLoad Link for svcpack addon

Unzip This addon for Silent Installer

  • File: Microsoft_PowerToy_svcpack_addOn.7z
    Size: 27.4 MB (28,794,880 bytes)
    CRC-32: 2f588b78
    MD4: 80cc7b5fcf88bba8281c80d0ded15bfd
    MD5: a23a219eea5a05aa1e820ea648673737
    SHA-1: d402ab748ee46bb04fba0ef2c1f1f6ed44b09382


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