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Missing Updates and Invalid Links


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If there is not an update in the list then please tell me the name of the update in this topic (only updates via Windows Update).

Also if you are trying to download a file using W7T and it pops up that it can't find the file then please also let me know in this topic. W7T will send this info in the error logs but i may miss some.


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Windows XP Mode RTM


Windows Update Agent v7.4.7600.229


Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7


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Updated - Thanks GeorgeK
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A friend in the city of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil while reading these blogs:



came across comments about hotfixes for Win7 Dx11 and posted the following links (x86 and x64):



These are not posted as WU/MU updates but they enhance DX11.

I checked them out and there appear to be four updates shown on each page that are applicable.

Figured I'd mention them here so you can verify and post for inclusion in the Win7 Toolkit as applicable

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