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[ADDON]System Nucleus


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System Nucleus Addon


Manage, configure and fix system settings and resources easily and in one place


  • System Nucleus is a powerful tool specially designed to help you view, edit and manage system resources and settings, consolidating functionality that normally requires numerous tools into a single interface designed to make these tasks easier than ever. An emphasis has been placed on batch processing, filtering, and easy visual identification of items using distinctive icons.
    Want to stop 2 processes at once? You can do that. Need to uninstall 5 applications? You can do that too. Want to view the process information for a running service, generate a detailed audit of a machine's hardware, software & settings, optimize network performance, and disable those annoying programs that start every time you login, all from one tool? With System Nucleus, you can do all of that and much, much more.


Requirements: -


* NET Framework 3.5



* System Audit - detailed report of what's on & in your computer, and how its all configured.

Generate & save an HTML version, ideal for tracking changes over time and providing diagnostic information to technical support.

* System Editor - configure thousands of settings from a single, easy to use & navigate interface.

Includes QuickFix functionality for addressing common concerns, such as resolving network connectivity issues & optimizing performance.

The Standard Mode provides easy access to the most popular settings, while the Advanced Mode exposes a highly granular view for precise


* Startup Manager - see everything that runs & loads when your computer is started and when someone logs in. Delete those you don't need,

disable those you aren't sure about or don't want to load temporarily, and enable items previously disabled.

* Backup & Recovery - its always a good idea to backup your current configuration before making changes just in case something goes wrong.

Backup your selection of registry hives, event logs, and drivers, or create a System Restore Point. Is your computer not functioning

properly? Restore a previously created Restore Point to put your computer's configuration back where it was before you started having


* Windows Application Menu - shortcuts to over 100 applications & tools included with Windows, many of which are not accessible via the

Start Menu. Automatically determines which programs are on your system and displays only those shortcuts, organized into 5 categories:

Administrative Tools, Network, Security, System, and Diagnostic & Repair.

* System Tray Menu - optionally display an icon in the system tray that provides quick access to numerous tools and applications,

a Run command prompt, system information, and environment settings, as well as the main System Nucleus interface.

* Program Manager - view detailed information on installed programs, modify & uninstall applications, and delete old install entries.

Edit program info such as support links & contact details.

* Disks & Drives - create detailed, graphical analysis reports on storage volumes, check disks & defragment.

* Detailed Information - view & edit properties of the selected item in the Detail panel, with links to additional online resources.

Dock the Details on the left or right, set it to auto hide, and access it easily from the right-click context menu.

* Smart Run - store run commands between sessions, browse for executable, integrated RunAs option with option to save usernames,

and create your own shortcut aliases to frequently entered commands. Always visible in the main menu bar & system tray menu

for quick, easy access.

* Customizable, SetOnce Interface - select how much or how little information is displayed, reorder & resize columns, apply filters

& sorting, choose what actions require confirmation, arrange & auto hide panels, and never have to do it twice. Your customized

interface is maintained so next time you start System Nucleus it looks the same as when it was closed.


Main page= http://www.spencerberus.com/projects.aspx.

File: SystemNucleus_2.

CRC-32: 536ef280

MD4: 661ff98c3ff106352d7289fe7db8e2d8

MD5: d07248a9a9f36e861d3354ac49813ccb

SHA-1: effe9838c8c0159ec06983642613e7b12c72e6fc

size=3.37 MB (3,534,848 bytes)

Download here -->



For switchless installer unzip the addon

post-13243-004824200 1280289818_thumb.jp

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