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Windows setup skips copying files


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Hey guys,

i Integrated onepiece's update pack to clean xp sp3 source

windows setup worked 100%

after using nLite to remove some files

windows setup in 39 min skips copying files method which is after Installing network

it turns on Installing start menu items after finishing Installing network

and after finishing setup , i didn't find iExplorer , or wmp11

and there was an error message "cannot find framedyn.dll"

this is my preset of nlite "Here"

need reply fast plz


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Dont remove files with nLite in second sessions, do it all in one...if the updatepack maker wants this not to happen he protects certain files/components from removal by nLite with entries.ini (I do it with mine) because users can get a bit overzealous

Look in the updatepack entries.ini for sections called [KeepFiles] and [NeededComponents]

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