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Project Renovate a.k.a W7T v0.8.5 Important Info


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W7T Size

I want the .exe itself to be smaller it is currently 2.6MB! I am aiming for it to be less and 2MB but this will be the toughest task.


Although W7T only loads up in 2 seconds (on my computer anyway), i want it to be even faster and so therefore aiming for 1 Second!


As usual please report bug fixes and they will be fixed.


The Unattended Tool is quite crap and basic to put it bluntly and will be looking to completely revamp it.

GUI Graphical User Interface

Please send me your requests regarding the GUI.


Requests will start again for v0.9.0 and i will not be doing the usual requests for v1.8.5.

Built-in Tools

If you think a tool in the Tools Manager should be removed, let me know.


Question: What should you expect to see in W7T?

  1. Efficiency, ALL of the code will be looked at and obsolete code will be deleted, completely!
  2. Smaller .exe size, W7T is currently 2.6MB so i will be working to make it as small as possible.
  3. Faster, some tasks like adding updates in the MSU to CAB Converter can take some time and i will be making that sort of process faster.

Overall you can expect a cleaner, smaller, faster and even less resource intensive application. All the code will be updated, old code will be removed. GUI will be more consistent, for example while adding updates in one tool displays it progress (Adding 1 of xxx), some others tools don't so i will be updating them to show that info.

Question: Why am i doing this?

I believe in preparing for future ideas, and it helps to have clean, tidy and organised code to do that and it also helps to get rid of the old crap which is no longer needed. This task definitely needs to be done for multi-language support!

I like efficiency and things to work at their best and W7T currently isn't doing that, some tasks require a bit of CPU usage while other tasks on the newer tools use 0% CPU! and i plan on making all tools consistent and perform at their peak efficiency.

This will help your tasks complete faster and therefore take less time.

Question: Why am i not accepting requests

I am accepting some requests to do with the GUI or how a certain tool/task should function to make it easier for users. This task in itself is a very big one and would make it even more difficult accepting ideas for new tools and features.

Question: When do i plan to start

I plan to start about 2 weeks after 0.8.0 final is released. Any bug fixes will be fixed first though.

Question: Will i be sending test builds to Testers

Not sure, i will let you know. Don't think i will until it becomes more mature.

This is an open topic and ANY questions/feedback for this big renovation will be answered. v0.8.5 will hopefully take around 2 weeks to 1 month to complete.

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Multiple Language Support

I'm having a trial in an efficient way of translating W7T itself, attached is a template just for the Tools Manager and i want you guys to translate it into your own language. I will add a full template if the test is successful. Language Support will be available in v1.0.0 which is a huge step!

Please note that the main download lists will not be translated as this would require entering thousands of separate updates in the list and that would take months LOL!

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I'm now starting on Project Renovate, first thing to go is Feature Manager OS/WIM as it's now redudant, if you have any other ideas of what should go... now is the time to tell me!

For those who downloaded the language template, can one of you who download it please upload their new version with the translations please, need one to test. Thanks!

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So far for v0.8.5. Found quite a few bugs!

*CAB Retriever won't show in TM unless cabs are detected

*Cleaned Startup Code

*Removed Feature Manager OS

*Removed Feature Manager WIM

*Removed Cleanup Tool

*Updated MSP Extractor

*Updated WIM Splitter (Multi-threaded, Show Progress Window)

*Updated CAB Retriever (Multi-threaded, bugs fixes, performance tweaks)

*Updated ISO Maker (Always shows progress,improvements)

*Updated Capture Image (Always shows progress, improvements, bug fixes)

*Updated Registry Hive Mounter (Improvements)

*Updated MSU to CAB Converter (Bug Fixes)

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