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Keyboard only allows a few keys to work

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Hey guys, I took my laptop apart to upgrade the RAM, once I done that I put it all back together and then turned it on. onces I turned it on it didn't let me type my password in only a few keys would work. I've been looking around and found that it could be the keyboard itself but then I dug deeper on the Internet to find that it is the connector :/ I did pull the thing out wrong so I broke it in other-words :censored:

Does anyone know where I could get a new one? Dell doesn't give them out from what I heard... or any ideas of how I could fix it? Theres no snapped bits or anything... it seems to be connected but the keyboards doesn't get what keys I press... only the middle bit of the keyboard is working LOL :censored:

Thanks for any help! :giveheart:


EDIT: Just tried a external keyboard and every key worked...

This is what I'm talking about: (I didn't take this picture this is from a different person)


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Well I took it completely apart and gave it a clean and a CPU upgrade (Intel Celeron 1.8GHz to a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz) still no luck. :( I've been looking around for that connector and still nothing so my only option is to buy a broken dell laptop the same as my model and then take it out of that and then hope for the best.

@Rick It's the white bit, the blue bit flips open and then you can slide the cable out but after having a closer look at the gold pins i see that a few are snapped off and are stuck inside the blue plastic. :(

@ccl0 Looked there a few times and nothing, still looking though :) Thanks for the reply guys.



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a lot of manufacturers use identical parts. i dont know what model your computer is, but i think you'd have a higher probability of finding a whole keyboard unit (keyboard + cable) than just the keyboard cable. have you tried searching for the part number? if you can find it somewhere on the keyboard?

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