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Prime95 - v27.7.1.0


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Prime95 is the name of the Microsoft Windows-based software application written by

George Woltman that is used by GIMPS, a distributed computing project dedicated to

finding new Mersenne prime numbers. Over the years, Prime95 has become extremely popular

among PC enthusiasts and overclockers as a stability testing utility. It includes a

"Torture Test" mode designed specifically for testing PC subsystems for errors in order

to help ensure the correct operation of Prime95 on that system. This is important because

each iteration of the Lucas-Lehmer depends on the previous one; if one iteration is

incorrect, so will be the entire primality test.


Addon Release Date: July 7, 2012

Uninstallable: Yes

Credit: *Reaper*


158228d360ac251fcec90a6287146db069513dfeae9006ebc17e2c792d33fc876g.jpg (x64)

96629a48f1e9fce1b831bb585aa9f0f9321d044d2b0fac0fb6048139191a96ed6g.jpg1.00 MB


158228d360ac251fcec90a6287146db069513dfeae9006ebc17e2c792d33fc876g.jpg (x86)

96629a48f1e9fce1b831bb585aa9f0f9321d044d2b0fac0fb6048139191a96ed6g.jpg956 kb



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