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I have been upgrading my system


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How is everyone? Sorry I have been MIA. I just haven't been doing any moding etc since 7 came out and haven't had time to learn anything about modding 7. With work and everything else, I can barely keep up with hardware benches etc.

Through out last month I have been upgrading my system and I am still in the process. So far this is what I have.



GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1) AM3+

AMD 1090T - H50 w/2 KAZE-JYUNI (1900rpm) I have it OC'd at 4GHz right now but I haven't had to much time to play with it.

CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 (i should hit around 2000 from what I read when I get to OC them)

AMD HD 6850 (Engineering Sample) (a friend at work got one also and has his OC'd to 1000)

60G Agility 2, 3X2TB Seagate and a 1TB WD (black) (I have 3x2TB and 1X1TB for cloning these drives.

Logitech Z523, G9x, G15 and SteelSeries Glass Pad


As ccl0 knows at MicroCenter we have to do training for a lot of manufactures to learn the product and new releases, as a AMD fan boy (LOL) I spend my time doing all the AMD training and looking out for their EPP's (Employee Purchase Program). Last month I got a 1090T (OEM) and a 6850 (ES) for 100. It was supposed to be 199 + 20000 points but my order got messed up and it took a few weeks so I got it for a 100. This month they are doing a clearance and have several offers. On the 2nd I got a 1090T for 119, I might get the 945 on the 11th for $79. I will be buying the 6950 2G for 169 on the 13th, the 6950 1G for $159 on the 18th and a 6850 on the 23rd for $99. If I have enough I will be getting the 5750 for $69 on the 27th. But that is if I am lucky, they have a limited supply so it's 1st come 1st serve.

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Yeah, but it's hard to give up the ES cards. I don't think I will sell them. I need to start doing the Intel training, I heard they are going to do something soon and it will probably be a SandyBrige.

How is everything Rick?

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Lucky, lucky man....

Yeah, things are starting to pick up. I really don't have the money for all of this but it's hard to pass up the savings and they don't usually do this. They normally only have 2-4 EPP's a year.

How have you been Kel?

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