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Foreign Characters

Some commands don't support foreign non-english characters, the problem is when W7T uses external programs to run commands like pkgmgr or DISM.

I have already fixed this for Addons in v1.3.0.13+ and hopefully drivers too in the future.


I have noticed via the Error logs that a lot of drivers are not being integrated when non-English computers, this is due to the file path having foreign characters in it. If you remove them then they should integrate fine.

W7T can read the foreign characters fine but i don't think DISM can.

Windows Thin PC

W7T doesn't work well with Windows Thin PC, apparently there is an issue with 'Create AIO Disks'

Self-captured Images

If you use an image you captured yourself with the AIO integrator then you may have some issues integrated updates, this is because W7T does not know if it's x64 or x86. That information is for some reason not stored during capture.

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