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Bug with nLite [registry_addreg] ?


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I use a entries_.ini file to add custom tweaks with nLite

(view http://www.nliteos.c...registry_addreg if you don't know what i'm talking about)

The problem lies in this line:

HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{1C5F694D-B965-4AEA-AF33-8906DFBC21E4}","URL",,"http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&q={searchTerms}+&meta="

Becomes this in hiveset.inf, HIVEDEF.INF and nlite.inf (also, why nLite add the keys to all these files? nlite.inf is enough....)

HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{1C5F694D-B965-4AEA-AF33-8906DFBC21E4}","URL",,"http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&q={searchTerms}

As you can see, nLite truncate the end,(+&meta=" ), resulting in an error at the text mode stage of the install:


If i manually edit nlite.inf to add my tweaks, everything works fine, but that's a hassle to do this at each integration.

So, is this a know bug or limitation of nLite?

Can i avoid that ?


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Thanks for the answer ricktendo64, that's also my guess.

I have finally made an addon with an inf file which does the addreg. Works well.

And that don't "pollute" all these inf files like nLite do when using [registry_addreg]

I really don't understand why nLite duplicate the entries in all those files when nlite.inf is enough to do the trick.

But i have a little cosmetic glitch caused by my inf addon:

it sow up in this window: (don't know the name in english, must be add/remove components)


here is my addon:


Can you tell me why it shows up there ? i can't find the mistake in the addon....


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Allright, so [Optional Components] must match the name in sysoc, got it.

I have updated the addon to clean sysoc and delete inf and pnf, files after install.

Could you tell me if i'm doing it right ?

here is the new addon:


Thanks Rick, have a good day !

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