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[AddOn SvcPack] Sumatra PDF 2.4


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Connaissez-vous Sumatra PDF ?
C'est un lecteur PDF gratuit, open source, très léger et insensible aux failles des lecteurs PDF les plus répandus tels que Adobe Reader et Foxit PDF reader.

- AddOn svcpack compatible avec nLite et RVMi
- Installe Sumatra PDF en français à T-13 en intégration. (multilingue)
- Installable en live
- Associe les fichiers PDF à Sumatra.
- Désinstallable via Ajout/Suppression de Programmes

MD5: feef4ea39d77b16462f7bf84dc705798
Taille: 3,93 Mo

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2.2 (2012-12-24)
Changes in this release:

  • add support for FictionBook ebook format
  • add support for PDF documents encrypted with Acrobat X
  • “Print as image” compatibility option in print dialog for documents that fail to print properly
  • new command-line option: -manga-mode [1|true|0|false] for proper display of manga comic books
  • many robustness fixes and small improvements
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2.2.1 (2013-01-12)

Changes in this release:

  • fixed ebooks sometimes not remembering the viewing position
  • fixed Sumatra not exiting when opening files from a network drive
  • fixes for most frequent crashes and PDF parsing robustness fixes
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maj en v2.3.

L'addon est maintenant basé sur un sfx plutôt qu'en inf: l’installateur ayant été optimisé il n'y a plus d’avantages à repackager en inf.



# Changes:
- Greater configurability via advanced settings
- "Go To Page" in ebook ui
- add View/Manga Mode menu item for Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
- new key bindings:
> Ctrl-Up : page up
> Ctrl-Down : page down
- add support for OpenXPS documents
- support Deflate64 in Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
- fixed missing paragraph indentation in EPUB documents
- printing with "Use original page sizes" no longer centers pages on paper
- reduced size. Installer is ~1MB smaller


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2.4 (2013-10-01)

Changes in this release:

    full-screen mode for ebooks (Ctrl-L)
    new key bindings:
        F9 - show/hide menu (not remembered after quitting)
        F8 - show/hide toolbar
    support WebP images (standalone and in comic books)
    support for RAR5 compressed comic books
    fixed multiple crashes
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