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[Release] XN Resource Editor


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XN Resource Editor

What's New

Version (December 17, 2005)

* Compiled with Borland Developer Studio 2006

* Unicode resource supported throughout

* C Compiler detection for RC include files

* New dialog controls support

Information: Info


File Release Date: Dec. 17, 2005

Addon Release Date: Jan. 10, 2007

Silent Switch Used: /SP- /VERYSILENT

Installs From: svcpack.inf

Credit: Reaper (aka Makave2345 or Me)

RyanVM Integrator Addon:

Size: 1.15 mb

Credit: Reaper (aka Makave2345 or Me)

Main: Download

MD5: 00FAEE2C81A2D11279C533DA7657260D

SHA1: DE53BC3D8F533D7224E782D4E7AFA55437376F60

CRC-32: FBD0D7C3

Switchless "Silent" Installer:

Size: 1.21 mb

Main: Download

MD5: 99145A8B971B737CEBE15501038B8A6E

SHA1: 47CA1DA37A00CB9115DA4A6BE8ED938512A6F69B

CRC-32: 154A64C2


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