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Weird Vista Issue


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Hello Guys,

Got a weird one for you. I can take a unmodded Vista wim file and use package manger to slipstream updates and when you go to install Vista, it will freeze up between each stage til the files start copying. I mean at the product key stage it locks up for 2 min....next screen to choose you version...it locks up for 2 min...next screen pick the hard drive...locks up for 2 min....press delete partition...locks up for 2 min. If I install a non modded wim, of course nothing locks up. I am slipstreaming 151 updates all from Microsoft Update Catalog. I even used the new Windows 7 tool and Vista still freezes up between each screen till file copy starts. Like the memory is low. I have 4 gigs of ram and I use DISM to update my Win 7 wims and never have this problem with 7. I do not mod or add anything else. I do not add drivers to boot.wim or mod the boot.wim. I have used DISM to slipstream the updates in cab form to Vista with the same results.

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rick is around. I'd send him a PM in case he's just missed this thread.

Cheers and Regards

Thanks bphlpt

. Not sure how to really describe the issue in detail. If I slipstream updates to a clean Vista install.wim between each setup screen, it locks up for 2 mins. When you finally get to format the hard drive you want to install to, Vista loads fine. Even on the format hard drive screen every button you click on to pick the drive and to delete the partition or to format hard drive locks up for 2 mins in between each click. I have used package manger to slipstream official updates. I have used DISM to slipstream official updates and the new Window 7 tool 1.30 beta to slipstream official updates, all with the same results

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