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Make Solor Update start configurable


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Whenever I start Solor Updates it immediately starts scanning the Solor server for updates, but always for Windows 7 x64 (maybe because I use W7T on a x64 machine at my workplace). I'd like to be able to configure which updates should be scanned first. I prefer Win7 x32, because my laptop (only 2Gb RAM lol), which is regularly reinstalled is still in need of Win7 x32 version, so I maintain an x32 install disc.

Note this is only a minor issue, now I just have wait until the x64 scan is ready (takes a minute, sometimes two) and only then I can select the x86.

Regards, Eric666

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If does x64 first because it happens to be at the top of the list :) I'll make some changes to see if that helps...

EDIT: It will no longer load automatically when you open the tool, you will have to select from the list first, this should solve the issue for you. Closing the thread...

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