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Hello -- I spent time browsing the forum awhile ago, returning now to really learn these tools & approaches.

Got some helps from K~ a day ago in the 7 toolkit, even so, I obviously made some mistakes because the trimmed-down 7 won't boot,

so I'm going back down the forum-rabbit-hole to do some more homework-learning before I report back to my coach.

Coming across this post:


, I'm sure describes the frustration of many "beginners" , meself include about now!

I bet that beginners who are helped to understand & have rapid success,

will be most inclined to donate $$ to the source from which their success has come -

just today I made a little donation to an Eastern European coder I'll never meet personally,

because he volunteered some time and modified his app to meet a request from me.

So the first thing I'm offering to donate here is --

one of the skillsets in my other life, in another profession, is creating clear instructional guides for beginners --

w/ outlines, pictures/images (including video screen-captures), correct spelling,

converted to pdf & properly TOC'd, bookmarked, & hyperlinked.

I'm offering to do that, initially for the 7 toolkit, because that's what I'm focused on learning first.

I enjoyed ricktendo's videos, even so they're just a bit beyond my understanding at this moment -

hopefully in another couple days/weeks I'll own that information & those concepts.

I like the relatively smaller scale of WinCert vs., say, MSFN, so I hope I can exchange my notions of a contribution,

for the knowledge I'll take and the friendships I'll make, whilst here.



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Hello, sorry i've only just noticed this message. Yeah W7T can be a struggle sometimes, especially for beginners... Anyways i have some news for you.

At the very minute i'm working on v1.4.0, a lot has changed since v1.3.0 as i'm specifically working on how to make it easier for beginners, i got 15 great alpha testers/feedback team who have given great feedback of how to make the program look easier for beginners.

So far i've GUI have changed, quite abit and should look a lot more easier for the next time you use it.

Click here for more details.

Anyways, once i release the initial v1.4.0, i will also be creating full guides for all of the tools. So yeah, once v1.4.0 is released, beginners should (hopefully) know what to do but if they get stuck then they can always just check the guides.

Any questions?

EDIT: I've just check the username and didn't realize it was you :P You're part of the alpha/feedback team :D

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