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[Solved] WIM Manager - Editing WIM Description Error


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As always...very nice work! - all seems great with the new tool except still having a problem when using the WIM manager tool - I can edit/rename the WIM name, and it works, but every time I select to edit the WIM description, I get an error message box titled "Error setting WIM info" and message "The Parameter is incorrect".

The old WIN7 Toolkit version ( - lets me rename both the WIM name and Description just fine for some reason. I have tried the other updated versions of WIN7 Toolkit after before the new Winkit release, and also had the same problem...no description renaming would work - just no error messages...change just would not show in field...just blank actually.

I cannot understand why this one particular error keeps happening - especially since trying all the updated versions and still having to use the older version to edit names and descriptions of WIMS for DVD install.

Any further suggestions would be great - not sure what is going wrong (or I am doing wrong)....

Thanks for your time!

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