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Integrating X79 Raid Drivers

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Using the last version of Winkit, I've tried to integrate raid drivers in my seven Sp1 X64 project.

I used the option "Integrate SCSIAdapter drivers (boot.wim) BUT : nothing appears in boot.wim after integrating drivers, only hdc drivers but no scsiadapter driver.

I'm sure of the version of my driver, I inject them using flash usb because during win7 installation, Setup tell me they are missing and I can give that by flash usb...and next of process go to end.

But that would really be better injecting directly into the win7 DVD...

As I inject succesfully by flash usb, maybe winkit have a problem to inject this drivers in Seven Sp1 X64 (or not, I don't know).


Ps : a link to these drivers all os. I keep only SevenX64 for my project.. http://fichiers.touslesdrivers.com/33245/RSTe_3.0.1.7016_F6-Drivers.zip

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Hi geromichi .use all in one tool and under basic tab,drivers, import all your drivers there.then they will be integrated into image.ive successfully done amd raid and ahci drivers in this way.by the way i also on windows 7 x64 sp1. :dancing:

P.S I just checked your drivers and they should integrate fine the way i do it.

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Thanx for your answer.

That's I've done and always do but with this chipset, it doesn't work with raid mode. But AHCI it's ok .....

So I don't understand : raid drivers are still missing after doing this way but are written integrated to my project.

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hi m8 had another look at them driver files.in the inf it states x64 compatible x86 architecture.looks to me that there not fully compatible with x64.check with lego or ricktendo64.have you tried driverpacks.net to see it they have a pack for your chipset. :doh: dont mean to be rude but is raid selected in bios instead of ahci.i made this mistake once before.

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