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  1. Hi, another issue : ielangpack-FRA.CAB from IE10 isn't integrated. I havn't tested with IE9... Thx for your work.
  2. No more addon problem for me with v.*68 : great work :dancing:
  3. I think you're using a x86 OS.. I've found the problem : .exe based addons don't work when x86 arc is wroten in tasks.txt when integrating in a x64 os based. The same addon with x64 in tasks.txt works fine in v.*67 in a x64 os based... So installer both architectur compatible included in addon with x86 line in tasks.txt appears to not work with x64 OS THX ps : sorry for my bad english :shy:
  4. Hi, I forgot to write tests are made on Windows 8 Pro x64 with local account.
  5. Still problems with several addons .exe based with : don't appear to be installed but with Rc no problem (the only old one I have kept). E.i with this addon : http://www.forum-unattend.fr/Orca_3.1.4000.1830.wa Thx
  6. I confirm this strange behaviour with several personnal addons. These addons are .exe based....if this can help. ps : tests made with
  7. This option seems to don't work in v1.4.0.65 version with Windows 8 RTM but did work with RP.... Moreover : the command Dism /online /Enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /source:G:\Sources\sxs works with RTM on a live system.. Thx for your work
  8. I've this problem too... Moreover, KB2533552 isn't show in the list of updates to integrate too... Thx
  9. RAID mode is selected in BIOS.. I'm running now with these drivers installed with usb flash so compatible...just that same drivers don't appear to be integrated with winkit.
  10. Thanx for your answer. That's I've done and always do but with this chipset, it doesn't work with raid mode. But AHCI it's ok ..... So I don't understand : raid drivers are still missing after doing this way but are written integrated to my project.
  11. Hi, Using the last version of Winkit, I've tried to integrate raid drivers in my seven Sp1 X64 project. I used the option "Integrate SCSIAdapter drivers (boot.wim) BUT : nothing appears in boot.wim after integrating drivers, only hdc drivers but no scsiadapter driver. I'm sure of the version of my driver, I inject them using flash usb because during win7 installation, Setup tell me they are missing and I can give that by flash usb...and next of process go to end. But that would really be better injecting directly into the win7 DVD... As I inject succesfully by flash usb, maybe winkit have a pr
  12. That was the case until last build, it added automaticaly to the silent installers but new build "forget" to do it.
  13. Hi, with 97Rc version, KB2533552 isn't integrated. Thx
  14. Hi, with version, a confirmation window appears when each theme (.themepack) had been integrated. This is not a good think because of the number of themes....I have to click on done button each time.... Could you please correct this that appears since version. Cheers
  15. last Build works Well !!! Thx a lot for your work
  16. Hi, More than 30 addons and none appear installed after Seven install : the files are well placed but none registry entrie. Same thing with beta 21..I still use W7T080-37F to do it right.
  17. with this version, none of the registry files are being added....
  18. No more error with 37F :icon_cool: But after closing program, W7toolkit.exe process is still running.
  19. translation : The Access to the access way c:\DismTool\W7T080-36F\7z.exe is refused. I don't think this problem is linked with particulary addon : This error occurs only when W7T integrate THE SECOND addon of my addon list. So it can happen with all addons. This error happens only when I integrate updates AND addons; never when I integrate only addons. Result after this problem : all it's ok but the second addon of the list isn't integrate; that's all. Thx.
  20. Hi, I've a problem on a X64 Seven with multiple addons. Sorry for my bad english but all it's ok with Updates, mounting registry But when W7T try to integrate the second addon of my list (even I change the order of addon integration..), I've an error linked to 7z.exe.... This problem occurs only with x64 but every time.. Thanx for your Work !!
  21. Dans ce regoupement d'AddOns, vous trouverez Messenger mais aussi un pack AIO avec les programmes Windows Live et pour finir, les addons du Pack AIO séparés pour ceux qui ne veulent pas le AIO... Biensûr, l'addon Messenger plus! est toujours ici. Nouveau ! : Les runtimes VC8 et VC9 ne sont plus inclus dans les AddOns messenger et AIO afin de gagner en place. Leur bon fonctionnement requiert la présence de ces runtimes. Ainsi, il vous voudra OBLIGATOIREMENT integrer un addon Runtimes que vous pouvez retrouver avec Ce Lien. Il vous faut la version Micro ou plus. Windows Live Messenger 2009 build
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