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*NEW* Installer Repacks sub forum


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I created this new sub forum for modded installers. Any (non silent) installer that has been edited or repacked to update or remove stuff are welcome here

Stay tuned I will be posting some of my that I remove old vc runtimes, also a couple I update the internal files (you guys are free to take them and make addons out of them if you wish)

Let me know what you think


Edit: I will be moving my .net4 slim installer in here since it does not classify as a silent installer

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Great new sub-forum and installers! Great job again! Thanks a million! :)

One question though... are you absolutely sure that Adobe Reader and other third-party software (non-Microsoft ones) will have no glitches when running with newer vc++ runtimes? Maybe they're built and fully-tested with that older versions... just a supposition, that's why I ask...

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@RicaNeaga, have you seen anyone's software/addons, (not Rick's of course :) ), that cause "glitches when running with newer vc++ runtimes"? I'm not sure I understand which problems/errors you are concerned about.

EDIT: I guess you're concerned because you see Rick, and others, slim their various addons by removing old Visual C++ runtimes? This has been done for years. This has no impact at all on any other installed software, just that particular addon. The reason that the original software suppliers started including the runtimes was so that in case Joe Blow User had not kept up with the MS updates, or had never installed any to begin with, the software wouldn't either error with a "file not found" error or make the user download and install the runtime from MS before their software would work. So they were just trying to make the user's experience a positive one. Unfortunately, some of the installers were written badly and did a horrible job of checking to see if the required runtimes were indeed already installed, so the user could end up with a dozen different copies of the exact same file scattered throughout their machine, along with a cluttered registry as a result. I'm sure you've had that happen to you like I have as well. So, figuring that the user who uses slimmed addons is hopefully smart enough to know that they need to install an up to date runtime package, such as the one Rick has available, addon makers will often strip out the runtimes from the individual addon packages and make sure that the addon installer checks in the correct place, and in the correct way, that the necessary runtimes are installed and linked to the addon software. As long as the addon maker has verified that his addon works correctly when up to date runtimes are in place before releasing their addon, and I assure you that Rick does that, then you should have no problems at all regarding runtimes.

Cheers and Regards

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