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[Solved] Winkit .msi files problems


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Hi @Lego,

There is a serious problem about .msi files in WinKit v17 :g:

The applications released in "Installer Repack" new topic by @Ricktendo64 give "Shutdown.exe" Error while they are installed, and this causes restart before the system reaches to the desktop.

Thank you.

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Its not win toolkit problem then, I suspect its Microsoft Camera Codec Pack the latest version asks to reboot...to avoid this use

<installer_name>.msi /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress


<installer_name>.msi /qn /norestart


Edit: I updated the installers to suppress reboot

Thanks @Rick,

I'll try 'norestart' command. However, I don't think this is the only problem. Although Skype seems to be installed properly, i saw that Skype was not installed in the system.

Ps 1: Is "norestart" command only for camera codec pack? Or is it for other msi packages too? If yes, for which ones?

Ps 2: I saw that camera codec pack was installed without a problem in program add remove before.

There are some problems but I could not solve them. :shifty:

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@Rick and @compstuff

Repack .msi files (skype, camera codec pack, shockwave player, visual c+ runtimes) are installed Without An Error with WinKit v12.

It is certain that the problem is in WinKit v17 :shifty:

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EDIT 1:Also if the user (you) don't specify a switch/syntax for msi files the RunOnce will automatically add '/passive /norestart'

EDIT 2: If there is a /forcerestart or /norestart in the specified switch it will change them to '/norestart' and if restart option is not specified then it will auto add /norestart :)

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