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WTK not integrating Language Packs (WIN 7 x64 Enterprise)


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Second time here and with the same probelm lol. Tried two times, fresh install, but no success interganting Language packs into a Windows 7 Enterprise x64 EN (Windows host is a 7 x64). Languages packs are PT-BR and NL both SP1 x64, actually they are integrated but...

The problem is when installation starts after the windows files are loaded the first screen isn't the screen to choose the language to install, goes direclty to screen to choose keyboard and location.

When the installation finishes i can choose the language, but not before the instalation.

any chance to see the small bug ?

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i think i found the error, but i'm not sure if is problem with my way to compile the new build or a bug

so i found that inside the boot.win the file "lang.ini" isn't updated with the new languages added but all other necessary files are there in the boot.win to make the user choose the language before instalation.

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I'm trying to implement the package in Portuguese liguagens windows x64 , the process has not even a mistake, but in the setup installation appears only in the English language .

Can someone help ?

Not sure that will help ...

The setting is right?

[Available UI Languages]

en-US = 3

[Fallback Languages]

en-US = en-us

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