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    Correct. I've got plenty of TechNet keys myself, probably more than I could ever use.
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    I don't think they will be useful to Jan as they are not retail keys. Jan need keys to unlock the downloads from the official download page and the number of machines it can activate doesn't matter. Thanks, SnowBall
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    Here you go: https://software-download.microsoft.com/pr/Win7_Pro_SP1_Polish_x64.iso?t=9ce404c9-7ad9-4927-9cfd-258e3e60da29&e=1541951835&h=a57007d439518c31e8bdea462b34c638 It will work for only 24 hours, be quick. Regards, SnowBall
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    Chrome 70 ya está disponible, estas son sus novedades Destacan los nuevos controles sobre las extensiones y el soporte para huellas digitales. Destacan los nuevos controles sobre las extensiones y el soporte para huellas digitales. Chrome 70 ya está disponible, estas son sus novedades La versión 70 de Chrome ya está disponible en Windows, macOS y Linux. No es una actualización cualquiera, el navegador ha recibido novedades muy interesantes, algunas te les habíamos contado con anterioridad. Más control sobre las extensiones Destaca la llegada de nuevas opciones de privacidad con las extensiones. En los últimos meses se han producido algunos ataques a las extensiones para acceder a la información privada de las personas. La compañía quiere prevenir más sucesos de este tipo. Las extensiones que no cumplan con la nueva normativa serán retiradas de la Web Store A partir de ahora, los usuarios podrán controlar la forma en que los complementos del navegador acceden a los datos de navegación. Es posible dar permisos individuales a cada sitio web que visitamos. Los desarrolladores también deberán obedecer nuevas reglas: queda totalmente prohibido el uso de código ofuscado, de lo contrario las extensiones serán eliminadas de la Web Store. Es posible desactivar el inicio de sesión automático Una de las características más controversiales de la versión previa era el inicio de sesión automático. Cuando accedías a servicios de la compañía como Gmail, automáticamente se iniciaba sesión en el navegador y los datos de sincronizaban. Los de Mountain View recibieron un gran cantidad de quejas, pues la aplicación no pedía autorización en ningún momento. Chrome 70 incluye un nuevo parámetro de configuración para activar o deshabilitar el inicio de sesión automático. Es importante mencionar que esta opción se encuentra activada de forma predeterminada. Te recomendamos revisar esta sección en cuanto actualices. En conjunto con lo anterior, la compañía ha rediseñado la interfaz del panel de sincronización para que las personas estén mejor enteradas sobre su su estado. Lo puedes ver en la imagen inferior. Google Chrome 70.0.3538.102 Dual x86x64 [Desatendido]
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    Tell me which ISO file/s you want to download and I can generate a link for you. Regards, SnowBall
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    [PROJECT] Windows 8 Pro with Windows 7 Shell In windows 8, Microsoft pushes all uses to login using a Microsoft Account, use the new modern user interface called Metro UI and the native Windows apps (Metro Apps). From Windows 7 to windows 8, this huge change in interface made the vast majority of people disapproving Windows 8 as they finds it extremely unfamiliar to use. You can easily find all sorts of workarounds on the internet to help you to stay as far as possible away from Metro UI, however the Metro UI was embedded so deeply into Windows 8 that its nearly impossible to avoid and Start menu was REMOVED (Not just hidden, can't be enabled). So I started working on a project where it will produce a clean copy of Windows 8 with the good old Windows 7 Shell (with Start menu, no Charm Bar and no Metro apps). I can promise that it is virus free and everything works the Microsoft way and you can activate this copy of windows using a genuine key. If anyone want to try my customized build, please reply below and I will give you a download link of my latest work. If you find any bugs or have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas, please post below. Screen Shots: https://ibb.co/d53nK9 https://ibb.co/jm6k6p https://ibb.co/iAqpXU https://ibb.co/cGR7K9 FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. Limitations: - Metro programs won't run. Metro UI screens won't show as it's not loaded, cannot and won't be. - You may get more UAC prompts since explorer.exe is not in Windows 8 UAC-approved white-list. - You can't add new user. Run netplwiz.exe for that. - File explorer icon won't show on Taskber. Pin it to Taskber by creating a shortcut and right click>Pin to Taskbar. - No default language input indicator. Enable language bar via Control Panel->Language->Advanced Settings->Use desktop language bar. - No multi-monitor Taskbars. Maybe more multimon issues. - Future update might overwrite the Windows 7 Shell. Disable Updates recommended. - A full online System Scan or Repair might overwrite the Windows 7 Shell. Several UI bits missing: - "You have new program to handle this stuff" toasts won't show. You need to use Default programs to change associations Regards, SnowBall
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    That KB is for .NET-FW 3.5.1 (belongs to Win7), not to 4.7.2 (abbodi's update pack).
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    Version 1.0.0


    MD5: c17236106c4a955bce70fe4c2140a25a Size: 29.5 MB
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    Hi Nirav, you are the first person to be interested in my project. Do you want to create an ISO file with the windows 7 shell integrated or just replace your VM's Windows 8 shell with the Windows 7 one? Anyway, they are basically the same thing, you will have to download the windows 7 ISO file from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 or using the Windows ISO Downloader (Edition doesn't matter but architecture and language does) . After its done, find install.wim , go to your Windows 8 edition, find .\Windows\explorer.exe, .\Windows\en-us\shell32.dll.mui, .\Windows\en-us\explorer.exe.mui and copy them into a spare folder. The next step is to download Windows Explorer Wrapper file (wrp.dll) from here: https://tinyurl.com/ycc7okgw and place it with explorer.exe, now you have all files collected and you can replace the Windows 8 ones with those files and restart Windows Explorer. If you wanted to integrate it into an ISO, it would be extremely hard as its nearly impossible to find or download Windows 8 Disk Images from Microsoft, so go to torrents, warez websites and other places to find a copy then VERIFY the checksum to make sure it hasn't been modified. Then mount install.wim, replace files and unmount the wim file. Test your ISO file to be sure that is working. This is very brief and if you don't under anything, comment below. P.S: IT IS ILLEGAL TO DISTRIBUTE THE MODIFIED DISK IMAGE SO YOU CAN ONLY USE IT YOURSELF. Thanks, SnowBall
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    Version 0..10


    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable una plataforma de software que permite ejecutar contenido que está escrito en el lenguaje de programación C ++. El software se utiliza para ampliar características interactivas y multimedia del equipo. Microsoft Visual C ++ instala componentes en tiempo de ejecución, que son necesarios para iniciar y correcto trabajo de un gran número de aplicaciones, programas y muchos juegos populares. Características principales: La capacidad de ejecutar contenido que está escrito en el lenguaje de programación C ++ Ajuste de las bibliotecas de Visual C ++ Soporte entorno para el correcto funcionamiento de muchos programas y aplicaciones necesarios para ejecutar muchos juegos populares Que constituirá la infraestructura de muchos programas que utilizamos el VC Redist publicado por Microsoft y C ++, y le permite instalar el plug-in en una mano mucho más. Contenido Included ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (32/64 bit) ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0.30729.7523 (32/64 bit) ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtimes 10.0.40219.5(32/64 bit) ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Runtimes 11.0.61135.401 (32/64 bit) ► Microsoft Visual Studio VSTOR new version 10.0.60830.5 (32/64 bit) Also includes "extra" Visual Basic and C runtimes ► Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Runtimes 14.16.27012.6 (32/64 bit) ► Microsoft Visual Studio VSTOR new version 10.0.60833.5 (32/64 bit) * incorporó script de proceso por lotes mejorado para manejar el proceso (originalmente creado por @burfadel). * Se agregó la actualización universal CRT KB3118401 para Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (instalada solo si ucrt falta). * extra.exe para el antiguo Visual Basic / C ++ Runtimes se reemplaza con el paquete MSI. - All credits to @ricktendo for the source pack and all the knowledge about modding/repacking MSI installers. Gracias!
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    I also have tons of technet keys, none of them worked
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    Yea same, I generated like 15 for each SKU of everything there, never gonna use them Not to worry
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    I have a load of used & unused (Mostly unused) TechNet keys with I think all of the above products, but TechNet keys don't validate on that site, don't know if you'd be interested in them, they are good for upto 10 machines each iirc
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    Jan Krohn

    Update Notifications

    Version 7.11 (15 October 2018): Fixed links for Office 2019 for Mac; added button to the new YouTube channel; added link to the new blog post about our legal dispute with Amazon.com; moved Windows 10 October 2018 Update underneath April 2018 Update, and added a warning.
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    SumatraPDF 3.1.2 & 3.2pre-release

    Added version 3.2.11040 pre-release.
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    Portuguese-Brazil Translation (pt-br) pt-br.xaml
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    Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 Incl. Language Packs (ar cs da de el es fi fr he hu it ja ko nl no pl pt-BR pt-PT ru sv tr zh-Hans zh-Hant) Some tools and resources for (re)creating your own slim (intl) installer .NET4.6.1 SFX Maker (installer repacker): .NET4.6.1 Intl SFX Maker (if you want to add LP): Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative: Slim down your dotNET4(.6.x) & LP installers: If you cant find a hotfix try using the KB(1234567) number w/ this URL: Slim Language Packs: Arabic: N/A Chinese (Simplified): Chinese (Traditional): Czech: Danish: Dutch: Finnish: French: German: Greek: Hebrew: Hungarian: Italian: Japanese: Korean: Norwegian (Bokmal): Polish: Portuguese (Brazil): Portuguese (Portugal): Russian: Spanish: Swedish: Turkish: http://support2.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=1234567
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    WinToolkit v2.x Development

    As many 'good' projects, the bird is flying far away
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    FREE / HOME / PRO Editions

    I ment to ask him about wimgapi issue, not to use wimlib instead -- prices looks OK to me.
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    Unattended Creator

    This will let you have you Windows installed unattended. It's not the most complete unattended out there but it's better than nothing. Luckily most of this is self-explanatory, note it is recommended to leave 'Architecture' set to 'AnyCPU' which means it should work for both x64 and x86 installs. Main This is where you select the most important parts of the unattended file, like your name, serial key, time zone, screen resolution, updates, Auto-Logon, etc... Users The 'Users' tab lets your add pre-installed usernames on the computer, with passwords, user group, description, again self-explanatory. Editor (Advanced) It is recommended to leave this alone unless you know what you're doing, since W7T does not have full unattended features it allows users to add their own entries and save them to a file, it also allows the user to see what will be saved. Serial Keys These serial keys are known as 'Default Keys', they are basically just used to make the install unattended by leave Windows de-activated and keeps the 30 day trial. WARNING: If you use a Ultimate serial key then you must install Ultimate otherwise it will error. Integration You can use the 'WIM Manager' to integrate a unattended file.