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    Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 Slim Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 Incl. Language Packs (ar cs da de el es fi fr he hu it ja ko nl no pl pt-BR pt-PT ru sv tr zh-Hans zh-Hant) Some tools and resources for (re)creating your own slim (intl) installer .NET4.6.1 SFX Maker (installer repacker): .NET4.6.1 Intl SFX Maker (if you want to add LP): Silent "No GUI" SFX alternative: Slim down your dotNET4(.6.x) & LP installers: If you cant find a hotfix try using the KB(1234567) number w/ this URL: Slim Language Packs: Arabic: N/A Chinese (Simplified): Chinese (Traditional): Czech: Danish: Dutch: Finnish: French: German: Greek: Hebrew: Hungarian: Italian: Japanese: Korean: Norwegian (Bokmal): Polish: Portuguese (Brazil): Portuguese (Portugal): Russian: Spanish: Swedish: Turkish: http://support2.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=1234567
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    Hello, Voici des Update Lists (UL) x86 et x64 à utiliser avec la dernière version de Windows Update Downloader (WUD), en partant d’un ISO de Windows 7 SP1. Elles reprennent le principe des mises à jour proposées par mooms dans son Update pack, à savoir qu'elles contiennent uniquement le minimum de MAJ requises pour n'avoir aucune demande de Windows Update après intégration et installation. Si vous ajoutez le .Net Framework 4.x, ainsi que MRT, aucune mise à jour prioritaire ne sera demandée par WU. Les mises à jour des programmes supplémentaires (Silverlight, etc...) ne sont pas incluses, utilisez plutôt les sfx du site (l'avantage est que vous aurez la dernière version à jour). Pour ceux qui ne veulent pas des mises à jour de télémétrie, lancez en dernier le script Telemetry.exe du maker ci-dessous. Certains ont reporté des erreurs SFC avec Wintoolkit (ça dépend des tweaks et des programmes ajoutés). Vous pouvez ajouter le script après HideW10KB dans la liste des programmes à intégrer pour lancer automatiquement la vérification après installation. Ces listes ont été testées au préalable en MV avec Windows 7 SP1 Professionnel avant publication. Attention : il est possible que certaines KB soient obsolètes si vous utilisez une autre édition de Windows 7 (ex. : KB2973351 est inutile sous Windows 7 Home Premium). Dans ce cas, faites un nettoyage de disque après installation, et signalez-moi les KB inutiles (je ne teste que la version professionnelle, je n'ai pas le temps pour les autres). Les instructions pour WUD sont dans le fichier Read-me.txt. Pour intégrer le Convenience Rollup Pack sous Wintoolkit, il faut faire passer KB3020369 et KB2670838 dans la section "Prerequisites" de Wintoolkit. Credits : mooms pour l'idée du pack et les scripts pour créer les installateurs silencieux, abbodi1406 pour ses infos sur les mises à jour, gillesg pour l'utilisation de WUD, icare pour les SFX, Thiersee, Pink_Freud, Dareckibmw et les autres pour les différents retours et coups de main. @non-french users : Here are x86 and x64 Update lists for WUD based on mooms Update packs and configured to be used with Win Toolkit. The purpose of these ULs is to integrate the minimum updates required, so you won't have any update asked by Windows Update after integration and installation. These ULs don't include Silverlight and .net Framework 4.x, but you can DL their updated version in the Installer Repack section of this forum and integrate them via "Silent install + SFX" section of Win Toolkit. With .net framework and MRT integrated, your Win7 installation will be up-to-date. Some updates can't be integrated offline, they are renamed 5-WindowsXXX.msu so you can find them easily and integrate them via "Silent installer + SFX" section of Wintoolkit or via Setupcomplete.cmd. For those who don't want migrate to Windows 10 and install telemetry related updates, just run Telemetry script from the maker (see below) to hide telemetry and superdeeded non-needed updates asked by WU. Some people have reported SFC /scannow errors after integration ; to check it, add the script after HideW10KB in the list of programs. These ULs have been tested in a VM with Professional edition of Windows 7 before publication. But if you use an other edition, some KBs may be useless (ex. : KB2973351 for Home Premium) ; in this case please perform a deep clean after installation, and report obsolete KBs in this topic (I only test Professional edition, I have no time for the others). Please have a look on Read-me file in the archive for more information. If you don't write french no problem, most of us understand English ! UL x64 13 juin 2017 UL x86 13 juin 2017 Maker pour créer un SFX silencieux pour masquer les mise à jour vers Windows 10 et de télémétrie 11 avr 2017. Tuto Fr 16 mar 2017 Tuto eng 16 mar 2017 Tuto ita 16 mar 2017 (Credits Thiersee) Tuto de 16 mar 2017 (Credits Thiersee) 2016-07-25-Read me.txt
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    Description: The .NET Framework is a popular development platform for building apps for Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Windows Azure. The .NET Framework platform includes the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, the common language runtime, and an extensive class library. read more. Info: The .NET package will be slipstreamed as pre-installed OS: Windows 7 SP1 Notice: - The addon will conflict with some Windows Updates (.NET 3.5 Family), so leave the addon's integration to the last. - .NET 4.7 require update KB4019990 to function properly, it's recommended to integrate it first, or you can install it later Windows6.1-KB4019990-x64.msu Windows6.1-KB4019990-x86.msu .NET 4.7 addon: .NET 4.6.1 addon:
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    Inno Setup Bundle Components: InnoEx 0.9.2 InnoUnp 0.46 RegToISS 0.1.4 Inno Setup 5.5.9 InnoIDE Inno Script Studio Website: http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php Größe: 5,95 MB MD5: D6B291152423C7F6ABC555F8804FD18E Supported Languages: br, de, en, es, fr, pl, ru, sk, zh Download | Inno Setup Bundle
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    Reworked .NET 4.7 addon: - Implemented a workaround for auto MOFs compiling, no script required (thanks to @MSMG) - NativeImages are now generated after OS installation, this allows to have fresh images that suits the OS features, and reduce the addone size)
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    added .NET 4.7 removed .NET 4.6.2 updated .NET 4.6.1
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    @rhahgleuhargh MS has released a fix for IE11, KB4032782; my windows does not request it (yet); no idea, if they will be in the next rollup. Links from WHD (abbodi1406): http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2017/06/ie11-windows6.1-kb4032782-x64_cdbf2e7fc4bd6a38eb6330498546d025d301b09f.msu http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2017/06/ie11-windows6.1-kb4032782-x86_24bf5810314d61a8b23ca48580960f3de9e27574.msu Have a nice week end.
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    14.11.25301 https://download.microsoft.com/download/B/A/6/BA60846F-9601-4CBC-B6D1-A7DAABE2BACB/VC_redist.x64.exe https://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/E/16E97297-4335-4719-9F1F-D22878BB6BC8/VC_redist.x86.exe
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    As far as I know .wa files are directly integrated with WinToolkit. .wa files are addons not installers so they are already silently added into the instalation. Are you using them correctly as addons in WinToolkit?
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