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  1. This will be the new home for the batch releases of XPtsp. Other topics will arise accordingly to the type of XPtsp that it will represent. I hope to include more and more member made modifications. Sleeker resources are being added to the pack. Big thx to Amnesia for doing the translation and many many updates!! Also a big thx to Ricktendo for the initial work on the batch, VTP8, VistaMizer, Energize and the guys over at http://forum.oszone.net (for original resource creation). Best visual results are achieved by integrating Rick's Windows Sidebar addon Batch Scripts: FileName: XPtsp.Green.v1.4.7.1_batch.exe File Size: 58.3 MB (61,217,718 bytes) MD5: cecfe3d58409be849cb3ddfd0da25d10 FileName: XPtsp.Green.v1.4.7.1_batch.addon.rar File Size: 66.3 MB (69,566,668 bytes) MD5: ca2be06e2a3ec98c825f6ba8061044c5 Change log: Last updated June 7th 2009 v1.4.7.1 -more info 2 come... Last updated April 3rd 2009 v1.4.6.0 Added IE8 suport for TRUE addon's -new:8ieframe.dll.mui.res -inetcpl.mui.res -inetcpl.cpl.res -iexplore.exe.res -iexplore.mui.res -wininet.dll.res -iesetup.dll.res -bootscr.res -wmploc.dll.res -tapiui.dll.res -sysdm.cpl.res -shell32.dll.res -logonui.exe.res -taskmgr.exe.res -ftsrch.dll.res Updated February 16th 2009 v1.4.5.2 minor adjustments (againnnnn): -logonui.exe.res -all .theme files to reflect new name of cursors -fixed typoe in inf (thx dougie) Updated February 16th 2009 v1.4.5.1 minor adjustments to (again): -logonui.exe.res -netshell.dll.res -xpsp2res.dll.res (thx amnesia) Updated February 13th 2009 v1.4.5 -intro.wmv (thx Kaylar) -logonui.exe.res -netshell.dll.res -xpsp2res.dll.res -added hex code to patch setupapi.dll, sfc_os.dll, uxtheme.exe in batch(thx Fixit) Updated February 4th 2009 v1.4.4 -setup.exe -luna.mst -metal_ss.dll -sysdm.cpl.res -added hex code to patch setupapi.dll in addon only -added home_ss.dll -added home_ss.dll -re-added cursors to user32(thx orbit30 hope it works this time) -removed autorun folder (thx to amnesia for the new theme files and to dougie for finding a way for the new autoruns.) Updated January 30th 2009 v1.4.3 -latest ehres by Ricktendo64 -Sysdm.cpl.res thx Amnesia -wuaucpl.cpl.res -wuaucpl.mui.res -srrstr.dll.res -netid.dll.res -xpsp2res.dll.res -remotepg.dll.res Installation: This is a tool to patch/overwrite files from an xp disc image that you have copied to ure hard drive. To install the batch Addon version; integrate with ryan vm integrator Please use it AFTER you have integrated/slipped any updatepack/servicepack.Alot of files are replaced by these packs it will overwrite the changes made by XPtsp..so use it last!. To install the batch version; simply brows to the root folder containing the i386 folder via the locate button on the winrar sfx installer(the file you just downloaded..XPtsp.v1.x.xx.exe) (or alternatively;drop the executable directly in the same root folder containing I386 and run the sfx and launch the procedure, no need to locate)
  2. bober

    XPtsp GUI v3.0.0.26 - February 27, 2012

    Hi doug, prolly that file has benn targeted in the past and now that its in the threat list norton will pick it up if it's modded or changed in anyway.So the fix to me is on the end user side.just add it to the AV's whitelist.
  3. skipped a few years and ended up in 2012, then decided to come back. as for the device manager navigation buttons, they are workign fine, they are garyed out cause ure in the root, once you expand the different sib dir the buttons will be available.they are greyed out cause you cannot go back or forward if you havint moved to a different place.As for the battery issues that i havint gotten the time 2 chek it out.
  4. bober

    [Switchless] Kels Win7 x64 UberPacK v2.8

    yup, as always.
  5. bober

    [Switchless] Kels Win7 x64 UberPacK v2.8

    the vista packs used to work great but now none of the shell extentions work(or get registered corectly,only one appears in the context,run with args and its not working,it seems to be registered to sys32 instead of syswow64)) and a few send to's also dont work(ie:7zsplit). but other than that, these uber packs along witht he cpls are a must have on any system. (cant confirm the x32 packs, didint try them)
  6. ill try and test and figure it out. thx for the feedback
  7. bober

    [Closed] XPtsp Red batch v1.1

    thats part of the theme files: .msstyles shellstyle.dll
  8. for x64 architectures: go in ure bios, then in the advanced/memory options; disable the memory hole mapping. for x86; ure screwed!
  9. bober

    Windows 7 Regional & Xclusive Theme Pack

    they are all in the win 7 local packs.(the regional themes i mean)
  10. a case of beer and a bag o' chips.

  11. bober

    win 7 dvd

    guys,why dont u use a usb key? there is litteraly tons of info on the web: http://www.blogsdna.com/2016/how-to-install-windows-7-from-usb-drive-without-windows-7-iso-dvd.htm http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-windows-7vista-from-usb-drive-detailed-100-working-guide/ http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2009/09/09/how-to-install-windows-7-faster-using-usb-flash-drive/ just to name a few.(yeah i know this dosent give you back ure damaged disc) i myself havint done it that way cause ive ben able to do it in a snap with ultraiso.
  12. i believe the 2nd cd of win server 2003 is just admin tools that you'd have to install manually anyways afterward.Plus running a server thats been fiddled with by Nlite might not be the best solution.
  13. bober

    Removing Desktop Icons with batch

    ok, but i am prety sure its cause of admin privileges.
  14. on my shared drives thers a symbol..dunno about folders but im prety sure they have it too.
  15. bober

    windows 7 for $19

    u sure its not how to give someone else 20 bucks real fast? lol .i guess if ure a student u can only afford 19. just jk
  16. bober

    [Request] Download button for my addons

    i might try and make you a set some time soon.(lol i hope this will maybe intrest others)
  17. bober

    Please Help me

    how about a fall-ish haloween-ish theme:
  18. bober

    Removing Desktop Icons with batch

    looks like you might no be admin, try removing @echo off and putting a pause at the end to see what error is returned.also why not do: cleanup.bat DEL /F /Q "%UserProfile%\Bureaublad\*.lnk" DEL /F /Q "%AllUsersProfile%\Bureaublad\*.lnk" DEL /F /Q "%systemdrive%\Users\Public\Bureaublad\*.lnk" note that i have removed the /s switch as you are giving it the full path thus dosent need to erase in any sub dir.Plus i added the 3rd line as its a new desktop path that is kinda like allusers/desktop.And remember ure batch file will ahve to be run as admin. if ure running the batch as part of an automation then ull ahve to provide a user name which is an admin and call the "cleanup.bat" or what ever ure going to name it. runpromoted.bat runas /user:SOMEADMIN /savecred cleanup.bat you will have to enter the name of the admin account of the pc here > SOMEADMIN also the "/savecred" switch is optional, it keeps you from having to re-enter the account password a 2nd time if the batch is ran later. if its being ran from a cd then ull have to change it like so: SET CDROM=%~d0 runas /user:SOMEADMIN /savecred %CDROM%\cleanup.bat
  19. hello, i have tried with dependacy walker 2.2 to find the files related to the "DisplaySwitch" app in win 7 but it was a no go.I would like to have this app run as a stand alone.(and mostly be able to run it in xp). So if anyone has ideas plz let me hear them.
  20. what id like to know is, if it would be possible to capture a VHD of the current system so it will sorta be like a PE.
  21. bober

    7 Sins of Windows 7

    if it dosent affect the user in general why give a f*ck. -Education > drop out of school. -DRM > just dont dl drm media files. -Security > who needs it? -Standards > you want to be productive ,use a PC. If ure a moron and need a natural feel to ure informatic ignorance; buy a MAC -Monopoly > its always fun to win. -Lock-in > better than a lock-out -Privacy > yeah, i always keep all my personal info like banking and federal tax info in neatly and obviously named files on an unpassworded machine member of an unsecure WIFI network.
  22. here is the latest batch file, u can add it over the present one in xptsp.no resource files ben updated.