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  1. slipk487

    Download links dead

  2. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    The shortcut get created. I have UAC enabled so ill see if it installs correctly when I run as admin. Im cable internet.
  3. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Just PMed back. It worked after changing EnableExtensionManager to 1 in the application.ini.
  4. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    still have the same problem as before. The installer wont install my addons under 7 and when I install any addon it says its not compatible with firefox. Everything works fine when I install it on XP.
  5. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Here are the logs. I built the installer on 7. When I install it on 7 it doesn't install the addons and every addon i try to install says its incompatible. I tried installing it on XP and it installed all my addons and I had no compatibility issues installing any other addons. 20091124-172204.7z
  6. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    Ive been having problems with the new release. For some reason it will not install any of my addons with any of the versions I've tried. Also for some reason when I build an installer using any of the 3.6 betas I cant install any addons because it says that its not compatible. I can't use the nightly tester tools because its not compatible. Ive edited the compatibility check in the about:config and tried editing the install.rdf but have had no luck.
  7. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    @mirecek1965 I was having the same script error as you did. Did you have firefox installed when trying to run. For some reason I would get the script error if i didnt have firefox installed but everything worked fine when I did install firefox.
  8. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    It wasn't from Visual C++ it was some kind of configuration error. It happened even when I tryed and used the installer provided on Ayakawa's site.
  9. slipk487

    [Tool] FFaM v1.0.2.11

    started to check out the Blazing Fast's SSE2 as for some reason Ayakawa's SSE2 wont run. the problem with Blazing Fast's is you got it labeled as firefox-.0.10.en-US.win32.installer-SSE2.exe instead of firefox-3.0.10.en-US.win32.installer-SSE2.exe so it can't download or build it normally.