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  1. My impatience is not the reason for the multiple posts. :-) But the browser gave me a 504 error when posting, and I pressed F5 several times, followed by the next 504. I was not aware that the post came through everytime. I a sorry. The installed DISM Version is 10.0.10586.0, I was not aware that there is a more recent. I will redownload the ADK for Win10, it should coem with that, I think.
  2. Hi all! I am trying to create an AIO with Win 7, 8.1 and 10. After I gave up on integrating the updates in Win10, I am using a plain version of the 10586 ISO downloaded from MS. Now, WinToolkit starts to create the AIO but then throws an error "Win Toolkit cannot detect sources folder for one of the images", without any useable informationw hich folder is missing. As I have for 7, 8.1 and 10 each one folder with the complete content of the DVDs inside, the text of that message is total nonsense. What's going wrong here? Oshi
  3. Mooms, yes, that might save time. But what I imagine here is a tool that I can point to a DVD, an ISO or a WIM, and just klick a "generate updated version of all editions in here" button. Then the tool should automatically download all (not yet downloaded) updates for those, and integrate all of them without me having to endure headaches over "which updates in which order" and other questions I should not have to care for. That would be a much greater improvement than reducing the time an unattended process takes. atm, I am trying to bake an AIO stick with Win7 HomePrem+Pro x86+x64, Win8.1 Home+Pro x64 and Win10 Home+Pro x64. After countless hours of trying different tools, I an still not anywhere near the goal. Stupid error messages (like from the x86 Win7 setup, that the image file was broken, which it was obviously not, as I had it manually exported with DISM from an original ISO), update integration tools unable to integrate the updates in the proper order, and other stuff like that. My, it was so much easier in the time of XP.
  4. IMO, the time it takes to update is not the problem. The problem is the "missing feature" in all the tools like Nlite,WinToolkit, ... that I have seen until today to update all editions on an ISO/in a folder/in a WIM or ESD in one go. Preferrably with an option to automatically download new updates before. If I had a tool capable of this, I wouldn't care, even if it took 48 hours when starting from scratch.
  5. Hi all, the error is still there. Is this going to be fixed soon? Or where else can I get these version? Regards, Oshi
  6. Hello, FYI: right now both links on the page http://testing.wintoolkit.co.uk/v2.x/index.php lead to a 404 error message. Is there any alternative download site? Regards, Oshi
  7. Dear forum owners, I kindly ask you to improve this forum by banning abusers whose links lead to sites like Adfly. As I and many other people will not go to such sites, posts with links to them are more or less useless and should be considered spam. And spammers should always be treated like the greedy [censored] they are: tarred, feathered and then banned. Regards, Oshi
  8. Uh, yeah, as if I didn't have seen that section. If you had looked though it before posting its link instead of something helpful, you would have noticed that there is the "AIO Integrator Guide", which only tells how to add updates in WinToolkit (which is what I did, but obviously didn't work as expected). Another post named "Update Integration to Win 7 x64" shows that I am not the only one with that problem, but offers no solution. And there is a "complete" guide which is addressing stuff that I want to do later (integrating W7 and W8.1), but not what I want to do now (just integrate *all* available updates in a single Windows Version). I am using just a Win 7 Pro x64 MVL .iso, and so it should be sufficient to download all the updates via the integrated downloader and add all of them in the "Updates" section. But obviously something goes wrong, but I don't see any hint where.
  9. Hello! I just tried to generate an up-to-date ISO of a W7 Pro x64 MVL DVD. I downloaded all W7x64 updates with the integrated downloader and added them in WinToolkit. I made some unatt. settings and tweaks and added some silent installers (Firefox, ...). I believed that the error messages were for some of the updates being outdated or so. But it did not generate me an up-to-date installation media. I installed it in a VM and was disappointed to see "7 critical and 9 optional updates" to be installed when I opened Windows Update. Not even SP1 was integrated! What went wrong with WinToolkit here? I think that downloading all updates and adding them in WinToolkit should be the right thing to do. In the end, I want to have a real AIO installation media: Win 7 (Starter, Home, Pro, Ent, Ult), 8.1 (Core, Pro, Ent) and 10 (Home, Pro, Ent, Edu, LTSB), x86 and x64 as available, retail and MVL as available, fully including all the updates available for each version. WindowsUpdate should not show even one update to install. I bet that I am not the only one who wants to have such, so where can I find a recent guide for creating it? Sorry for my bad English, I really am out of practice speaking/writing, I mostly read.
  10. Sorry for interrupting here, but redirecting to ad-sites is *not* "common practice"! It is bad style. If you want to make money with your program, then sell it. And as enough malware infections came in under the radar as ads, one can rightfully call that malware. Even more so, when you expect to be lead to a download page, not one filled with rubbish. just my 2 cents ... Oshi
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