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  1. What's Up

    I didn't know DVD/BR support was gone. WTF. This isn't the 1st Windows OS to phone home is it?
  2. What's Up

    I have been real busy, I haven't even been on the OC foums in awhile. Who is everyone? Anything new? I just had to doing training for Win8 at work, looks like another fail unless you have a touch screen. No info on rather or not you can switch to a normal windows. What's your take on 8 Lego? I see that you are using it. I have instead it twice in VM but never used it.
  3. What's Up

    I just wanted to say hello to a few people, you know who you are. I hope you all are doing well. I have been real busy and spend my "non-working" time trying to make extra money or BF3. I didn't get kidnapped and rapped by aliens, well it's not kidnapping since I'm an adult. LOL
  4. Need more RAM for your RIG?

    Great find
  5. New Rig

    That had to of been a typo on the cas. If you search by model number it matches. So it should be fine.
  6. New Rig

    Yeah, they are both 1600, 9-9-9-24 and 1.65v. You should have no issues.
  7. New Rig

    As long as you have the same speed and timings you should be fine. You take a performance hit when you don't use matching sticks but it will work.
  8. AMD BD early bench marks

    Yeah, this would be great for servers etc. I am still going to get it but at a later date.
  9. AMD BD early bench marks

    I know. I am very disappointed. I was going to by the 8150 today but since my 1090's beat it, I will stick with them for awhile. I will probably wait for a EPP and get it then but right now I can spend 250 for just a extra "2 cores". I would still like to have a "QMP" (Quad Modular Processor).
  10. AMD BD early bench marks

    Yeah, there is no official release date. There is also talk about BD not being released on the 990FX mobo's and that they will be release for 1090FX mobo's. The 1090FX mobo's will have PCI-E 3.0 etc. on them
  11. AMD BD early bench marks

    FX was the series that killed Intel way back. LOL. The specs are correct but the release date is wrong
  12. AMD BD early bench marks

    I just found out to day that it will not be released on the 19th from inside sources. I am pissed.
  13. My daughter just built her 1st PC

    My 1st build was a Celeron D/512 DDR and a Radeon 6000. LOL
  14. My daughter just built her 1st PC

    Damn, has it been that long? The time goes by so fast. It's hard to believe that she will be going into 5th grade and is 4'7. It seem like yesterday I was changing her but.