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  1. ok .. man i will do another experiment and will suceed... i Thanks for your help...
  2. ok buddy i ahve tried to downlaod that windopws iamge from Microsft but i cant keep my pc on for whole day so i downlaod from torrent ... and second i customize my windopws test it but my addons were not install in windows ..,. :please: :ranting: :ban: :doh: :albert:
  3. no that was claear and now , i load boot.wim from extracted image of win 8.1.. have a look and plz clear this confusion i am facing ... screenshoot
  4. i know win 7 has .wim file which can be edited through Wintoolkit but Win8.1 has .esd file type wintoolkit cant find .wimfile . How can & which file is edited by WinToolkit in Win 8.1 .iso image file ....
  5. bluesmoke

    [AddOn] Internet Download Manager 6.15b9

    first thanks for this addon now i want to update it to latest version so i just put latest .exe and serials etc and, another thing plz update the link its not opening properly ...
  6. Hi ! i have used wintoolkit its gud tool now i want to customize my win8.1 image so how can i customize this
  7. bluesmoke

    Change blue color of xp setup screen

    bhai ab xp ka time gia ... win 8.1 ko karo ... u can use reshacker as i use it it is very powerful tool
  8. bluesmoke

    Win Toolkit

    man how can i customize my Windows 8.1 setup i think i didnt support it
  9. Hi ! How can i downlaod Win 8.1 Enterprise 64x ISO image ? i am have tried alot from microsoft site but when my pc shutdown and logon i start the downlaod from start . so i need link from i downlaod ISo image file through IDM like common installer . i dont wont to downlaod from microsft agin and agin same file with that bore micrsoft download installer ...
  10. bluesmoke

    USB Boot Prep

    thanks for tool but where is downlaod link
  11. Hi I am confused where this topic may fall . in nite or WintoolKit. i download several addons for Wintoolkit but they wont work becoz they are simple setups and some are zip files which is used in nLite as a Addon , i am wondering how to add nLite addons to WintoolKit ... Example These cant load into WintoolKit Addon Windows ; http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10539-repack-adobe-reader-xi-1103-en-fr-nl-02-2013/ http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9813-tweaked-skype-6332107-multilanguage/ should i unzip those addons , and add that setup and add silent switch ? those .inf file have several withces How i know which Swicth to use... :aggressive:
  12. so its just copy the Direct setup to hardisk and then user will install it manuly... plz help me i need a silent or addon for Direct X so i integrate into setup ...
  13. Hi i need Direct X can i use this as Addon on my Windows 8 by using Wintoolkit
  14. Hi i wondering if anyone know about .dll file which i edit Setup image, starup image & Boot Screen. if anyone know about these dll files plz tell me the name so i edit them ... Thanks
  15. bluesmoke

    Win Toolkit

    Thanks to make Life easier !!!!