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  1. simplix

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 for Windows 7

    Hi abbodi1406! Thanks for this wonderful addon. I will try to add his support to the UpdatePack7R2. To test, I decided to first integrate it manually and chose x64 version. There were several questions. 1) Not all data from NDP472-KB4470640-x64.reg is imported into the registry - Classes\CLSID\{FEDB2179-2335-48F1-AA28-5CDA35A2B36D} can write only TrustedInstaller, so if Win Toolkit works with user rights, this entry will be skipped. I can get around this problem by importing twice - from the administrator and from TrustedInstaller. 2) Does it make sense to add LangPacks? I think they do not do anything useful for the work of the programs, but maybe I'm wrong? 3) I also see no reason to leave automatic start of services NGEN, according to my observations, they only periodically load the processor, but I don’t think there is a practical sense from this optimization, programs do not run faster. Please correct if it is not, otherwise we need to disable these services.