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  1. NIM

    New Look of WinCert.net Forum

    Dear members and guests, we finally published our new look of the forums. As we still plan to do some minor changes to this look, those changes won't change this concept much. Hopefully, larger part of our visitors will like this look, although we're aware that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, no matter what we do. Our faithful members who are in one of the following groups: Staff, Contributors or Supporters, can choose an additional (darker) skin which doesn't contain advertisements. If you care to help us with the forum expenses, please click on "subscriptions" link under the forum logo and choose the desired package. There are three subscription packages available ($10, $20 and $30), if you would like to make a custom donation please send me a private message for further instructions. Here are benefits of becoming WinCert sponsor: Your name will be displayed distinctly in the ‘online user list’. Instead of stars or boxes to represent your user level, you will receive a user icon labeled "Basic, Supreme or Ultimate Sponsors". Your PM box will be increased. Your upload ability will be increased. You will be able to send PM to more people. You will be able to add attachments to your PMs. You can get a WinCert.net mail address with up to 500MB of storage. You will not see any ads in the forum. You will be able to choose our bonus forum skin (darker version). Comments are welcome.
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