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    UNINSTALL previous versions BEFORE installing this one!!! v12.6 Log: BSODView v.1.4.0 CPU-Z v1.58 GPU-Z v0.5.5 HWMonitor v1.18 WhatInStartup v1.3.3 WinUpdatesList v1.31.31 HP USB Tool v2.2.3 Dumped IE cookies cleaner v12.2 log PSERV 3.4 v12 log BlueScreenView v1.31 GPU-Z v5.1 The whole package is now uninstallable via the add/remove panel. This pack contains: BootSafe v2.0.1000 Bootvis v1.3.37.0 BlueScreenView v1.4.0 ClearType PowerToy ClipBoard Viewer CPU-Z v1.58 GPU-Z v0.5.5 HD Tune v2.55 HP USB Format Tool v 2.2.3 HWmonitor v1.18 MemTest v4.0 Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard Microsoft TimeZone Requires .NET Framework Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.1 MSI CleanUp Utility 4.4 New MSConfig Regedit Services and Devices v3.4 Smart Driver Backup v2.12 TweakUI PowerToy v2.1 WhatInStartup v1.40 Windows Task Manager WinUpdatesList v1.31.31 User Accounts 2 CPL Size 4.06 megs Hash = Kels_CPLBonus_v12.6_addon.rar CRC-32: 8daf4d2b MD4: e9339b2047a88ba6a035d27f5b4cecb9 MD5: 4770a75127f43ddc276153c53d5a46cf SHA-1: 2ca12e1d5e10939718666abaa9d45c4966c6760a .... =============================================== SILENT INSTALLER!!! Get it here! Size = 4.23 megs Hashes: File: Kels_CPLBonus_v12.6.exe CRC-32: 6ed90586 MD4: f44efc9d755468cbd8f9f6268f18c6ea MD5: 50cf719c9e41cd9e2e6dd26d83398298 SHA-1: d3ff9c0e7308e871d3be9bd4a4dcf51450be55f5
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    [Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

    the package is really very good I've removed all themes,...etc with nLite and using classic interface for XP...but with this package working every thing is good and XP is more lite
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    [Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

    thanks again.. this will be definately used..

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