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  1. Thanks Shahed, Ive been looking for this for a while now... ScOOt3r
  2. does anyone have a x64 lite builder that they are willing to share... ive looked around and cant find one. ScOOt3r
  3. Well i can get it working.. but cant startup cause it says that my key is invalid.. i think this seems to be a common problem from the results i have read.. but if anyone knows of a fix/workaround for this please share. thanks ScOOt3r
  4. Thanks for sharing this, nice work ScOOt3r
  5. Welcome here and thanks for the great addons... enjoy your stay here. ScOOt3r
  6. Thanks N1k, this should come in handy.. ScOOt3r
  7. Thanks Reaper.. this one will come i handy.. ScOOt3r
  8. Great Job again Rick.. thanks for the quick update.. love this addon.. ScOOt3r
  9. Thanks, looks as if you got lots of people looking but no Thanks.. Great Job ScOOt3r
  10. Sweet.. going to try this one out. thanks ScOOt3r
  11. Thanks Rick for the quick update, this one works great with x64... nice work ScOOt3r
  12. Thanks, i love this little program and use it all the time. Nice work Luzr4life! ScOOt3r
  13. well if you use the search function here i think you will find on has been done for Kaspersky..
  14. Great work Rick,, thanks for this ScOOt3r
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