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  1. Signature: must be no greater than 300 x 100. Icon: should be around 64 x 64 (or maybe 128 x 128). Splash: should be around 600 x 200 (its the first screen you see when you open up VUT) Program to be called: Vista Update Toolkit, instead of black like the old logo, it should be white. I just want a new logo, but if i have a new logo.. then a new signature is needed to match.... although i like the signature lol so will be keeping that as well. Happy hunting/designing... Thanks, much appreciated
  2. Min:129ms Max: 136ms Average:132ms Min:132ms Max: 170ms Average:143ms Speed is great!
  3. lol here's mine, its ok i guess
  4. Is it possible that you can update the wallpaper and signature in posts 6 and 11 to say "Download Vista Post-SP1 Updates, Extras and Language Packs!" Sorry but i "had" to remove Update Packs Hope you don't mind, thanks :worthy:
  5. Is it possible you can remake this one (from post 3) 600x200 and transparent background please, preferably PNG?
  6. Thanks, perfect :beerchug: Much appreciated.
  7. Its nice, I have used that one above for the splash screen of my program, i have added your name into the credits (Help > About), all i need is maybe try adding "Download Vista Post-SP1 Updates, Extras, Language and Update Packs!" at the bottom or somewhere to it and also make it 300x100 for a signature I like it
  8. Hi all! I'm wondering if someone can make me a logo for my Vista Update Downloader? Thanks Liam EDIT: 300x100
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