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  1. that's sad! what are you using now: virtualbox? thanks!
  2. hi rick! sorry if i double posted (i got confused with a couple or about 3 vmware topics). Ricks_VMwareTools7.8.5b156735.7z dl link is broken. i have an older vers: Ricks_VMwareTools6.0.0.45731_AddOn.rar & Kels_VMware6Tools_Addon_v1.cab. where could i get the latest pls? btw, VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 is what i have. would this update the vmware tools in 6 too? or would it cause conflict? thanks!
  3. hi kel! broken link. is this the same with Kels_VMware6Tools_Addon_v1.cab? thanks!
  4. yup, link is broken. hope rick doesn't mind this ---> pls see if the attachment is what you need? md5 hash: 54B09570AF9667182A994E470EF62889 is the same as above. which 1 is - the reg key or the service? rick, if i were to integrate Ricks_XP_to_MCE05_en (& Ricks_MCE_Plus_AddOn & Ricks_Win7MediaCenter1.0_en), would this still be needed or is it already included in [AddOn] Media Center 2005 (English) Oct 3 2009? thanks!edit: basing on these: i don't see it in vm (have not done a live install yet). just wanted to make sure before i reformat. do i add this addon separately or it'd be futile to do so? rick, does this work with the 3 addons i mentioned above (because i had them already integrated, including this, yet i don't see the away mode)? btw, would this work with 5eraph's [Release] Show Hibernate Button (KB893056) Addons? if so, would it add a 5th button when i click on Turn Off Computer? thanks! Ricks_AwayMode-KB902437.7z
  5. hi brunetu! i'm not sure exactly what you meant by slimmed pack (like which contents would be retained or taken out) ... but you could try checking this 1 out: [Release] Microsoft Runtime Libraries 1.4.8 (32-bit) by code65536 ... although this was last edited by the maker on Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:51 am. as it stands, kel's work has all these & then some. there's another one that you might want take a look at too: RogueSpear's Runtime Collection thanks!
  6. hi rick! Ricks_VMwareTools7.8.5b156735.7z link is broken. i have an older ver: Ricks_VMwareTools6.0.0.45731_AddOn.rar. where could i get the latest pls? btw, VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 is what i have. would this update the vmware tools in 6 too? or would it cause conflict? thanks!
  7. hi rick! only the sendtoa3x mirror link posted by trax works. thanks!
  8. hi rick! parts 2 & 3 rs links broken. could there be other dl sites other than rs? orca link is broken too. tried looking for it in shark's page, but it's no longer there. only the link provided by Rigamortis works. thanks!
  9. hi kel! would it be safe to use Kels Runtimes 6 & code's Microsoft Runtime Libraries 1.4.8 (32-bit) at the same time? would these not conflict? or would 1 overwrite the other? my apologies but code65536 is perhaps either on resting mode or hectic schedule to be able to update his pack. his post about his runtime was still last july. thanks!
  10. hi eliteos! just wanted to seek clarification about the post from the download link that says: though i'm inclined to believe this is a false positive. thank you!
  11. i see that notepad2 is included in the uberpack thread but as a separate addon ... my apologies. thanks kel!
  12. hi MrNxDmX, hi Baran SEREN! hehe, i see i was the last one to post here prior to this. sorry for bumping this thread ... but could there still be a possible update on this? still hoping there could be a final ver to come out. thanks!
  13. hi! my apologies if this could be the inappropriate thread for this but i would just like to know if there is any existing windows 7 fonts add-on? thanks!
  14. hi kel! i know this is an old thread but i just got back to creating new builds after quite sometime & would like to get my hands back to slipstreaming my most used addons (this one included) ... would you by any chance update this utilizing ver 4.0.23 (official by flo) or the extended ver of notepad (by kai liu)? thanks in advance.
  15. hi gorki! has this been updated to ver 3.0 of HashTab? thanks!
  16. hello rick! dl link does not work. just letting you know. thanks!
  17. great ... already downloading this ... thanks OnePiece! :thumbsup_anim:DL done ... hash matches: MD5 - 0F6F25DD91E6F412569F88B83C3C73C4 (file size: 76.5 MB ~ 78,427 KB) ... tested zip and no error reported ... now will try to integrate in a new build ... thanks!
  18. whoa ... is that really how plenty the updates have been since SP3 (for XP Pro)? thank you! btw, i just finished downloading the file: OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v1.9.0_ENU (73,371 kb)... tested the zip using 7zip 4.62 & showed there was no error ... used HashTab 2.1.1 (beeblebrox.org) and it showed a mismatch MD5: DCB059002ED17691716D51638F6A4F1E (CRC32: F38AAE0B & SHA-1: 678A6A29E837EC78A0EAD15292A50ECFB4004977) with what's posted above 0F6F25DD91E6F412569F88B83C3C73C4 ... your thoughts? thanks!
  19. hello sirs! any possible update on this great tool? final? eagerly awaiting ... thanks!
  20. hey kel! yep try it ... there's a request though for registration (but you can still use it even without going through the registration process) DaRk MaDnEsS was kind enough to work swiftly on my request
  21. appreciate this DaRk MaDnEsS :thumbsup_anim:
  22. hello! pardon me if this may not be the proper thread for requests ... i am not sure if i used an add-on (already an existing 1 or similar add-on perhaps) or installed Auto Window Manager by hand ... i find this tool handy though and would like to request if someone could kindly accommodate working on an add-on for it (that would appear under All Programs -> Utilities) ... thank you!
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