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  1. Hi George I'm very new at creating addons and I had a bit of trouble getting this addon to work so I made a few modifications to your code, would you mind if I were to post my version of your addon over at RyanVM Forums, with your permission of course. trippinferret
  2. Hi Ricktendo Can you please re-upload the conversion for the first link. Requires .NET Framework 1.1 sp1 and WMP10/11 March 11, 2011 MD5: 46b9eb33893aee27b44583e522bf1ccb Size: 165 MB Thanks.
  3. Hi User Hidden You released this very quickly, will try it out, see how it goes. Thanks
  4. Thanks ricktendo64 Will download now and give your x86 update pack a try, will let you know how it goes. Excellent pack, worked perfectly, many thanks to you SoLoR
  5. Hi ricktendo 64 Just finished integrating a few packs with Nlite on a clean XP SP3, could you please tell me what order I should put the sidebar in. User_Hidden Post SP3 OnePiece Net Framework 1.1 Onepiece WMP 11 OnePiece IE8 Ricktendo MCE 2005 Ricktendo Win7 MCE I will do a fresh integration in the order here, would I put the sidebar to be integrated last any suggestions would help. Thanks
  6. Hey ricktendo64 Do you know if this will work with your MCE2005 Transformation Pack ? I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks
  7. Hi Ricktendo64 Just finished integrating your pack and a few others, here's what I did. Onepiece IE8 1.9.0 Onepiece Windows Media Player 11 v2.0.0 Onepiece Net Framework 1.1.4322.2443 User_Hidden QFE Updatepack 1.2.0 Ricktendo64 XP to MCE05 All integrated successfully in the one go, but let NLite choose the order in which to slipstream and you will have a fully patched XP SP3 Media Center Edition DVD, formatted the hard drive and it installed perfectly. Thanks to all who made it possible.
  8. Hi ricktendo64 Thanks for this brilliant addon, I updated my xp sp3 disc with your MCE2005 addon and used Onepiece's net framework 1.1, media player 11 and internet explorer 8 and it works perfectly are you going to continue support for this MCE2005 addon, Thanks :thumbsup_anim:
  9. Hi OnePiece Just wondering will this work with ricktendo64 MCE 2005 addon Thanks
  10. Hi You know what would really be good, does this work with windows xp x64 sp2 or could you make a build that would work with x64
  11. Hey ricktendo64, I just finished integrating all again and tried RVMUpdatepacksp3_1.0.3, NR_IE7_ADDON_2.0.4a, ONEPIECE_WINDOWS_MEDIA_PLAYER_11_TRUE_ADDON and Ricks_XP_To_MCE2005, all with the latest nLite, in that order and it came out perfectly, installed without a hitch. Thanks for the help.
  12. Yes I used nlite for the MCE2005 pack, so your saying I should integrate latest RyanVM Updatepack first then, I found onepiece's media player 11 pack at RyanVM.net, integrate that next and then finally the MCE2005 pack and you say I should integrate it all with latest nlite.
  13. Hi ricktendo64, I just downloaded and tried out you latest MCE2005 Addon but came back with a couple of errors, what I did was first slipstream RyanVM 1.0.3 updatepack then your MCE2005 pack and then booogy's media player 11 with all updates, all on a clean XP SP3 CD and it displayed "cannot find ICFGNT.DLL, Internet Explorer Configuration Utility" and also that media player 11 does not install but would on a clean XP disc with RyanVM pack, Internet Explorer 7 and media player 11. I understand a lot of work has gone into this pack and thank you for it but could you please give me a solution. Thanks
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