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  1. I'd like a premium account. the timer is a pain in the ass. a file takes 5 min. to download and you have to wai 65 min. to download another file. IT'S CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. question, just to be sure when doing this do your files you have on your computer get deleted when doing this or will they be fine
  3. i like vtp you probably just didn't have a good version of window blinds i can send you a working version via e-mail if you want
  4. I use it on my computer and I haven't noticed any bugs, besides it looks great and I would have to say that the benefits out way the risks.
  5. VTP7 looks better and i bet has alot more features
  6. vista is good and all but the bugs it has right now, i'll wait at the moment vista has so many bugs i couldn't even begin to list them just one example is once you upgrade to vista alot of hardware may not be compatible with vista such as printers and usb drives
  7. VTP7 is fine i have it and i have had no problems just install it in safe mode thats the only way the installer will run
  8. so does any one know when they plan on doing this and if they are going to do a beta?
  9. i'm doing this through a school server
  10. can you give me another download site i can't access deviantART
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