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  1. thanks a lot i used the sfx method in the end. i didn't know how to compile the file back with that sfx extractor...
  2. hey guys, how can i use my serial in it? also i wanted to know if i can use this trick posted here: vmware
  3. when it will be ready??? :dribble:
  4. hello i have a problem.. i can't uninstall firefox from control panel it gives me an error... like it cannot find tskill.. ? why? i found that your prcedent version of fire fox addon maker was working great and better than the new one... Sorry it just my thought... And another thing.. i've the splash plugin set by default, so when firefox is installing it starts the splash screen and then close it... too bad.. And in the program folder there are no firefox files, except plugin folder... Did i do anything wrong with the addon maker...? thanks for your time in advance..
  5. hi guys... i would like to know if the addon maker works with winrar 3.80... thank's
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