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  1. Nevermind. I just figured out the solution to the problem. I don't know why I never thought of this earlier. Final Build: XPsp3 --> addons listed above --> onepiece update --> drivers --> nlite to make unattended --> windows post install to install other silent installers = Works beautifully!!! Thanks anyhow : )
  2. Many thanks for this hard work!!! So, I've been using this update pack, but I have encountered some complications. Here is my situation, let me know what you can make out of all this: Starting material: XPsp3 CD -option 1: When I integrate Onepiece's update pack alone with driver intergrator = everything works fine -option 2: When I integrate Onepiece's update, plus the two of the addon removals (seperately each of them each time) then driver pack = everything works fine -option 3: Integrate Onepiece update pack, integrate these addon's -Kel's VistaDriveIndicator Dark addon -Moataz royalAIO -OnePiece Windows 7 Sounds -ricks CCleaner -Rics Darkside Logon -Ricks LunaroyaleOrb -Ricks SpywareBlaster -then intgrate two of the addon removals (to reomve featres from one pieces update pack) each seperately as directed = errors ....something about couldn't copy clock.avi and then i have other similar errors reported here earlier and when things are finished installing, none of the addons are there and the Windows XP os looks unusal. -Option 4: Integrated onepiece update pack, integrated addon removals seperately, integrated addons listed above then driver pack = same issue as above -I also did the winnt.sif option as well with both options to remove some features listed in the onepiece update pack, but I get the same errors.....ugh!! -Anybody have any workaround for this or had this issue and worked through it somehow? Please, any help is appreciated. Thanks mates!
  3. Say, how can I use this method to make addons to nLite? Do I just create the silent program.exe file and then use this
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how I could create an addon for "nLite" out of "Tablet PC Recognizer English-US"? Or could someone help me do this, please? I have a tablet pc which I am trying to install both MCE edition 2005 and tablet pc capabilities. I just need to figure out how to integrate this piece. Also, any idea how to make addons out of the "Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition"? I downloaded the Calculator for Tablet PCs and tried checking it's silent install code with USSF. This is what USSF said: This is an Installshield 2003 installer. Try to retrieve the MSI file from the temp folder during installation. Then install with: Msiexec /i setup.msi /qb Any idea how to make this into an addon? Thanks
  5. Hello, Say, is there any way to make an "addon" out of the "TPR English-US" and the other games/toys you have? I am trying to find a way to integrate them in my unattended windows xp tablet build. Thanks : )
  6. Hello Orbit! This is a superb addon, by the way : ) I was curious, if you could possibly inform me on how I could alter a few of the addons in your WMC pack. I want to add OnePiece's Post SP3 update pack, but I see that you already have Ryan's integrated. Is there a way I can exclude Ryan's Post SP3 update in the WMC addon? Also, do you have the dotnet addons integrated in the WMC addon pack already? How could I "not" remove the recyclebin from the Desktop. I do realize that you have a recycle bin on the top bar and the side bar already, but I like the old fashioned recycle bin : ) Thank you ahead of time. SM Update: I made the post on accident on the wrong spot. Sorry. Feel free to comment if anyone has a suggestions. I will repost in appropriate place.
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