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  1. Microsoft annonced that they would stop supporting Windows XP on 31 Jan 2009 but was changed to 31 July 2009 which I think roughly is when Winodws 7 will be released. But Microsoft said that they would stop supporting Windows 2000 in 2003 but to this date they still provide security and hotfixes for the operating system which to me indicates Microsoft will continue to provide updates but won't provide support over the phone etc. Microsoft also annonced that retailers that provide Vista Business and Vista Ultimate Editions on there systems can also provide Windows XP free of charge to the customer. To me for a corporation that is deciding to stop supporting Windows XP its a little strange. Anyway everyone feel free to leave your comments and views on the topic. Regards
  2. Linux is a very good operating but isn't exposed as much as Microsoft for its faults and security problems. Maybe because this is free to use. Apple also boast about their operating system and how it doesn't get infected by viruses etc. Most people make viruses for Microsoft Windows because its the most common OS used by home users so it makes it easier for hackers to get hold of people bank details etc. It took me 5mins to create a simple code to corrupt Mac OS X file system. Linux is a good operating system if you are wanting to hack another computer or wireless network as most programmers create the programs to run under the Linux operating system.
  3. Windows ME was an abhorration that never should have been created. Windows ME was released on 9th June 2000 - it was released after Windows 2000. As you all know Windows 2000 is more of Network Based - so Microsoft release ME for home users and was something like Windows 2000 but caused alot of users so many problems. My favourite fault in it was: Memory Management rating on a scale from 1 - 10 = -99999999999 It also is meant to have Multiuser capability but when you have more than one user account with different profiles it messes up the whole operating system. Its support for Windows 98 drivers was terrible so it means that if you were upgrading from Windows 98 then you had to also get all new drivers. But one problem is that Windows ME was prone to crash when you were trying to install it. Even though none of the drivers were in place and hardware wasnt even recognised. Its codebase was very unstable. It was really slow. And to me that is something like Vista. Windows Vista support for XP drivers is terrible. Vista (usually) doesnt crash when you are installing it but when you try to install something on it - it will crash and tell you that it is imcompatible even though on the box it says Windows Vista Capable.e If you don't tweak Vista then it can be really slow. Once you have installed Vista on to your computer you agree that Microsoft has full ownership of the software. So basically this means that they can monitor everything that you do. Thats where (DRM) digital restrictions management becomes a big pain as you can not record much depending on what other companies have become members of the group. (Disney,Warner,Apple,Sony etc) SP1 was meant to increase startup and shut down times but no improvement has been made. My verdict is that Windows 7 will be a big hit for Microsoft and will be dramitcally improved but they need to build the operating system from scratch to achieve this. They can't use the base of Vista. If they use the basecode of Vista they will be digging a really big hole for themselves. Don't get me wrong Vista has some good points that they should include but they need to rebuild the code for the good parts to make it better then implement it into Windows 7. We will see what happens at the Professional Developers Conference on the 27-30 October where the first beta version of Windows 7 is due to be released though it might not be released to the public for another couple of months after that. Regards
  4. ip address is dynamic so its not possible to use ip address but their is a way to bypass this.
  5. easied way to enable (super) adminstrator account on all windows vista versions is by doing the following Go to Command Prompt in the start menu but before opening it, right click it and click Open With Administrator Privliages. Once command prompt has opened and you have typed in any passwords for the normal administrator account type in the following: net user administrator /active:yes This enables the master administrator account and does not contain any UAC. Regards
  6. I use Windows Remote Desktop Connection alot in my house to connect to the other computers in my house but I was wondering if there was a way to connect to my PC's from a computer that is not connected to my house but only using Windows Remote Desktop Connection. All my computers are connected to a router and still havent found a way to bypass it as all computers ip address would be set to 192.168.0.x which is local host on the router so you can't type that in on Windows Remote Desktop Connection off my network. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. yeh i know that Windows 2008 is Windows Vista but windows 2008 is the server edition. I would prefer to use to Windows 2008 and just enable the servie that i need to use - its alot faster. but just now i would like to continue using windows xp on all my pcs apart from the pc that i do all my testing on.
  8. IT'S HAPPENING ONCE AGAIN - BUT THIS TIME IT HAS COST HOME USERS AND BUSINESSES A FORTUNE. As you have all proberly heard, Windows 7 is going to be released next year - so does it look as if history is repeating itself. When Windows ME was release there was so many problems with it the following year Windows 2000 was release. Then fastly Windows ME disappeared. Microsoft realised that they made a big mistake. Have they finally realised that Windows Vista is a big mistake. Many companies refuse to deploy Windows Vista on there systems as it is a major security risk. Do you blame them? Windows Server 2008 - seems to be alot better than Vista - you would think that it is an operating system for home users to use. Seems to be stable. Yes - there is still bugs in it but nothing that can't be fixed. Windows Vista would need to be stripped right back and rebuild the operating system from the start but not by Microsofts programmers - they need to source it externally or even asking people like us to test the operating system and find any bugs and/or security risks in the operating system before publically releasing it. I have come to the conclusion that Windows 7 will be alot better than Vista. Lets just hope am right. But there is also one other question to answer - is Microsoft ever going to be able to beat Windows XP. Alot of people love XP and don't want to get rid of it. They got used to the interface and don't want to say good bye just yet. But at the end of the day is it worth of home users getting rid of there loved operating system. Feel free to discuss.
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