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  1. Thanks for these addon creators, while version 5 works fine, version 6 don't work it generates 2 critical errors and stops. tried it with official dvdfab Here's a screenshot of the installation :
  2. md5 is NOT correct. The MD5 i get from downloaded file is : ab03b5eeb1fe280ab8266302dab1b380
  3. @DaRk MaDnEsS Can you please repost your last working version?? i think it was at 6-2, until you fix the new one. Thanks.
  4. During installation of windows while registers components the program starts to run and pops up first run messages and first run messages through internet explorer, if you could fix this and make it silent. Thanks for tha addon, Gus.
  5. Hi, well MD5 it's ok! I use nlite only for my integrations. VBOX.EXE is placed at \I386\SVCPACK but it doesn't work for me!!! I created 3 times my xp but it didn't work. And also when i run VBOX.EXE after installation as a silent install, it doesn't either install. Nothing Happens!!! Maybe another addon creates the problem?? really don't know, If you have any idea to try please tell me! Thanks for your time, and A Happy New Year!!!
  6. Tested 2.1.0 and not working, it doesn't install at all and no error messages. If you could please fix this! Thanks.
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