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  1. you can use the above link to get the tool to make the addon your self is very easy to use..here the link again.. Adobe Flash and Shockwave silent installers and svcpack addons maker
  2. i have uses every version you released and all of them work fine other then ver 9.83 but thank you for the extra link..
  3. thank you for checking it but i removed it from my xp install cd and the cd works fine now.i redid the build a few time to make sure it wasnt messing up while make the the cd...before i remove it everytime it would get to that addon it would hang there.and windows wouldnt install..i even tryed it in windows and it wouldnt install here either after i extract it and run it the AutoB symbol would appear and never go away here.do you know where i can find ver 9.82 again sorry to bug you sir. and as always thank you for your time and help
  4. hello thank you for this great addon but for some reason this last ver 9.83 will not install the other version you released work great..when you get time can you check it out to see if it is me or the addon thanks again..
  5. i think ver 9.79 is out when you get time sir..thank you for this great this addon
  6. thank you guys for clearing this up for me..i guess i dont need to use the AIO.net anymore..
  7. nonno fabio are you saying this addon now has all of the .net frameworks because i look through the changelog sheet and i didnt see anything other then 1.1 and 3.5 listed..thank you sir for your time and help on this great addon
  8. was the "Explosion" plugin removed from v2.0 i unzipped it and didn't see it in there also didn't see a place to your default plugin either
  9. when you get time sir could you update this addon to IE7Pro 2.4.8 thank you
  10. yes im thinking your right..so thanks again sir
  11. something crazy is going on there at there site..lol because your right i just when to the link you post and i would get 4.9 the file would be 17.2mb but if you try and and download it again you might get 4.10 and it will be 17.3mb in size it all most like it 4.9 for a few sec then it goes to 4.10 i just tryed this a few mins ago.i promise im not trying to waste your time but it is crazy.lol..also the link you post is the same place i got 4.10 the other day..so i dont know what going on now.
  12. on there webpage where you download it..it still says there are at version when you download the file you will get version did unzip the addon you made and looked at the history.txt in it and i think it is version they must have just uploaded it there within the last day or 2 and just haven't updated what version there at yet.i have version install on my pc right now and here is a bit of the info in the history.txt doesn't look like that there was any major changes in the program.anyways i am very grateful for your time and help with making a addon for this great app.. ConvertXtoDVD changes history ConvertXtoDVD - ========================== Fix XEON processor support Fix ClickFree automatic backup compatibility - 0003215: [bug] ConvertX fail to convert on Xeon processor computer (wesson) - resolved. ConvertXtoDVD - ========================= Improved compatibility with ClickFree Backup solution ConvertXtoDVD - ========================= Improved interface: * Implemented a merge feature directly from drag/drop, using the <SHIFT> key * Fixed issue when reloading settings - 0003085: [bug] Video processing failed to init on stream 0000001 error, I can't convert - resolved. - 0003087: [Feature Request] Easy merge mode - resolved. - 0003067: [bug] v4.0.6.316
  13. thank you for taking the time to mess with this LUZR4LIFE i will be testing this out tuesday on a new install but i have a Question about it.on there website it shows the latest version as being .but when you download and install it..it's actually version you know which version this one is i guess they change version a few days ago but never update the file version on the site..thanks a million again sir
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