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  1. Thx rick for the info m8 i the only account on pc but it was better for me to put gadget in share gadget as i could get to it fast to uninstall gadgets . if i just copy the gadget to the other folder u said about will that work ok ?
  2. i try that uninstall fix and it break the Sidebar Tray Icon, but it does not remove the files off the computer ,it just put the gadget in the setting to disregard the gadget so it dont show, the down side of this if you change your mine and want the gadget u have to change the file name to get sidebar to show it, or edit the settings.ini .
  3. Sweet i like this good work and now i can take off me joejoe gadget off me side bar
  4. Rick can i install over last update or do it fresh install m8 ?
  5. hi rick the uninstall file work and got gadget reinstalled and got office gadget works fine now thx very much m8
  6. Rick thx got the file now i try it over the week end thx
  7. i trying to uninstalling so i can do a clean update to new patch so i get the office gadget and that link the file will not download rick
  8. sidbar will not fully uninstall path error at the end
  9. rick when i try to uninstall it does full uninstall say file path wrong and help pls
  10. hi rick update to new down load no sign of the office gadget m8
  11. rick install and it say KB940541 no installed but comes with the file u did but how u install pls the new hot fixs thx
  12. www.sokoolz.com download stopped working again or me can some 1 post mirror for new sidebar sp1 thx
  13. hope that the fixed vershion with no memory leak if not fix 1 from here http://gadgetdev.blogspot.com/2007/06/driv...y-leak-fix.html
  14. it works for me to but were does it put the gadgets so if you dont want them you can uninstall , they not with the other gadgets ?
  15. kewl pic sore them in the paper yesterday :cool04:
  16. Hi all got a work around for the side show gadget i been using Desktop Wallpaper by Jonathan Abbott and just not using the wallpaper changing part and it works well as side show gadget http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.asp...59b82a&bt=1 or http://www.aeroxp.org/board/index.php?showtopic=8148
  17. thx but got all that m8 mmmmmmmmm only hapen with some of the gadgets
  18. hi rick can you help when i open some gadgets i get error like this. i got XP and VAIO and get a error " a runtime error has occurred. do you wish to debug? Line: 180 Error: 'settingsclosed' is undfined" pls help thx
  19. i got XP and VAIO and get a error " a runtime error has occurred. do you wish to debug? Line: 180 Error: 'settingsclosed' is undfined" pls help thx
  20. hi ricktendo64 can u help the currency Gadget comes up but when u but numbers in it , it does not a thing any help many thx
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