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  1. Read posts on page 2 and you see Kel has tried to make this for x64 and could not as it not the same writing as x86
  2. thx for trying Kel i know you try your best m8 we will wait in hope some day maybe many thx in trying
  3. it not in any of the vista home version so i had to edit the registry and change the value of the ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin from 2 to 0
  4. can you help when i click on administration tools i can not see a local secrity policy
  5. uac is a pain but just to let you no if you did not know if you turn uac off ie8 beta 2 will not download any thing off the net , so have to use diffent browers.
  6. after the files extracted to my desktop i right clicked on the install inf files copy but do not show in cp so got all the file and no uninstall and the Secedit.exe is newer on my pc than in the pack
  7. i get copy error an error occurrd while copying file cplbonus.inf cannot copy file to destination directory thats what it telling me so i stop the install
  8. i get copy error an error occurred while copying file cttune.chm thats what it telling me so i stop the install
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